Gaming and Censorship

By thumbbandits:

"Censorship is one of those topics that will have everyone from the right wing, the left wing and everybody in between get all frothy at the mouth. Video game censorship has been done to death, and it's hard to write about it without retreading well worn ground. What's odd for me about Manhunt is that I find it hard to get worked up about it. Explicitly represented violence in any medium has always made me a bit uncomfortable, and yet when I look over at my shelf o' games, I'm surprised to see the number of 18-rated titles I have. Owning most of the GTA games bumps up the count, Yakuza is another adults only, and so is Killer 7, though I must admit to not having played that yet – I'm prone to having dreams about games I get into, and I'm a little worried about having nightmares of murderous split personalities".

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