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Where is this magical b3yond, anyway?

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Boink6487d ago

what with the melting clock?

does this mean I'm wasting time?

will the ps3 melt my clock?

or is sony marketing on crack?

daboosa6487d ago

i think i agree about the wasting time

Fuzz McDeath6487d ago

...but could the melting clock be a sign that the PS3 runs a bit on the HOT side? No overheating problems my arse :)

kmis876487d ago

It's a reference to the Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali. Many scholars have interpreted the painting as showing the surrealist nature of the dreams, and the actual physical world. Time is not rigid, and neither is physical shape. The unliving objects like the clock actually become organic, losing their cold rigid nature, but also gaining the weakness of flesh and the ability to decompose. Come on, someone take an art history class just once.

Boink6487d ago

The clock is just there to display the current time, not to represent time in the physical world. the clock may become organic and distort, but time remains constant, and will not change, distort, decompose or whatever.

I would love to meet those supposed scholars and kick them in the nutz for their misinterpretation, seems to me like they should have taken a GOOD art history class, not the side class at macdonalds university.

and if sony is using that as their basis for their marketing, are they saying that the PS3 will decompose once it goes from being a fanboys dream to the physical world?


calderra6487d ago

Actually, time DOES distort. There was this guy named Einstein, and...

Bah- nevermind. Way over people's heads.

D R Fz6487d ago

"The Persistence of Memory" is a modern art painting by renowned Catalan-Spanish artist Salvador Dali. He became one of the most important painters of the 20th century, and was mostly associated with the surrealist movement. His painting, which is sometimes referred to as Soft Clocks or Melting Clocks, was completed in 1931 and has been on display the Museum of Modern Art in New York City since 1934.
- http://www.qj.net/index.php...

The direct meaning of all of this represents exactly what kmis87 said in the comment above, however the indirect relation between the clock and the ps3 can be found in the success of both works. Ps3 is what Sony refers to as a masterpiece and because of the amount of work they have put into the console, we are getting nothing but great artwork that should last for a long preiod of time. Meaning that even after its launch, maybe 10 years from then, we will all look back on the ps3 as a masterpiece--a great work that stands the tests of time. The ps3 according to the site is a classic even before it has been launched; not because of the launch, but the thought off creating such a console to represent the next generation of both gaming and entertainment is what classifies the ps3 as a classic. The website in its entirety is stimulating as well as invigorating. It makes me feel smarter as an individual planning on getting the ps3. That is thinking b3yond the confinements of each generation. Thinking b3yond the the restraints of time.

Boink6487d ago

unfortunately 10 years down the road, the ps3 will be way out of date, and no longer being played. It will not a masterpiece that we will still be marvelling at for the rest of history.

kmis876487d ago

The intended message of the ps3 being a masterpiece makes a lot more sense than my more complicated ideas of applying the themes of the painting to the ps3 itself. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Oh well, at least it's nice having someone make an intelligent comment about this like you did. Usually all I hear is stuff like post #1 and its followups.

Karibu6487d ago

just... STFU.
You're being explained the idea behind that add and you can't keep that bs coming out your mouth.
I'd really like to see you loose some bubles.

Sphinx6487d ago

...Dali is my favorite artist, but it took me a minute to put two and two together. Dali was pretty cool, he talks about being a kid who always wanted attention, and when he didn't think he was getting enough, he'd start banging around a bell he carried around with him until everyone looked at him.

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For me the game with perfect combat was Lord Of The Ring: Shadow of Mordor.


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Redgrave7d ago

This game was a special kind of fun, I am always keeping a low hope for a re-release because there's little else like it.

Venoxn4g7d ago

I would love a remaster of original Madworld for current gen and PC


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Profchaos8d ago

Hopefully McNamara is as far away from this as possible he set up shop in Australia then did nothing but complain about Australian labour laws while trying to make his workers live at the office working 24/7 on la noire punishing them for leaving at 3 am and being 10 minutes late to work at 9am the next day.

It's astonishing that none of the workers went to the fair work ombudsman as the studio would have been fined astronomical numbers

porkChop8d ago

Brendan McNamara is a brilliant writer and director but he should never, ever be in charge of a studio. What he did to those devs was far beyond "crunch", and it went on for, what, 7 years? That's insane.

But I'm glad to see some of that team have come together again to create something new. A psychological thriller sounds right up my alley.

anast7d ago

I would have liked to see a new noir game.