These Screenshots Are Fake

Games Radar know two things for certain. One, that geeks/attention-seekers/psychos will misspend hours of their lives creating fake screenshots in an attempt to fool the internet and so give their otherwise pitiable lives purpose and meaning. And two, that Games Radar will know these botched-up images are fake the second they see them.

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Blademask3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

The difference with the killzone2 images, is that the playable game demo looked better than the stills.

Flame On.

Jeanne3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

"The difference with the killzone2 images, is that the playable game demo looked better than the stills. "

Yep, the fact that Killzone 2 even gets brought up with fake screenshots should make it clear just how deep the hate and rage and jealousy against the game is in the gaming media. The hatred for Gurilla Games nailing shot for shot the original trailer that so many claimed would not be possible until the PS4 is beyond anything ever seen before in the console world.

It is hilarious though that in an article about bogus screenshots the Mother of All Fake Screenshots, Epic's ridiculously bogus Gears of War marketing shots are once again ignored by the gaming media.

lokimendivil3933d ago

man i hope so i hope the mutiplayer is good so i can stop having to deal with halo3s peer to peer online crap!!!!

iAmPS33933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Here is the first screen of Crysis for PS3

wow4u3933d ago

I think people are keeping a keen eye on Guerilla is because they are known liars. People dont like being lied to.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3932d ago

P2P is on the PlayStation 3 non-P2P is what's XBOX Live.


playing games i have never seen a game get so much hate from the other fans and media...Why do so much people want this game to fail ? Thats why i want this game to succeed in every game so everybody can S.T.F.U. ..i didnt buy the first killzone but im surely buying this one just to check it out...

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Joey Gladstone3933d ago

If I wasnt going over some of those pictures with a very careful eye, I might be fooled as well, some honestly look legitimate...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

poopsack3933d ago

You know you are not Joey!!!!

Nostradamus3933d ago

corey feldman had an account, people didnt believe it was him, but somehow he proved it was him, I dont remember how, and havent seen him since.

mighty_douche3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )


HL3 one looked good! Im disappointed : (

Expy3933d ago

Uhhhh. The Killzone 2 screenshot IS REAL. It's taken from the trailer at E3.

tfur3933d ago

I know... its funny, but the "poster" was what was faked, when people were speculating about the shot. I guess the writer was not around during all of the internet speculation (pre E3).

Someone will probably write in, and explain this to the author of the article.

What is even funnier is that people are disagreeing with you...

PSWe603933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

The image on the headline is a real Killzone 2 game play image, but the image they used in the article itself is fake.

Grahammad3933d ago

Well actually, while your correct that it is an actual in game shot taken there, it was from before the E3 trailer build. Seb Downie "Motherh" on the Killzone forums talked about it after the 1st shots release way back in July 07. You can tell it was from an earlier build due to the lack of green tinted optics on the reflex scope and the weapon had been visibly stretched. ;)

Expy3933d ago

Wrong. There are 2 Killzone 2 reference images in the article, the second one (they claim is fake) is REAL.

mattnz3933d ago @ 03:26 ish it is from this section of the E3 demo, not sure it's this exact playthough though cause there are differences (angle of shot etc). If it is a fake they did a great job, though the actual vid looks a little better if you ask me.

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Bazookajoe_833933d ago

I mean kid icarus2 for ds isnt really pushing the realms of reality..

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