Sony Won’t Clarify Executive’s Comments on Gran Turismo 6 Coming to PlayStation 3

As the news spreads that Gran Turismo 6 may be headed to the PlayStation 3, sparked by SCEE Vice President Michael Denny’s recent comments, the situation is gathering more attention and investigation by larger media outlets.

IGN picked up the story last night, and managed to get a (brief) comment from a Sony spokesperson:

All a Sony rep was willing to tell us was the following: “In 2010, Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that Polyphony Digital had commenced development for Gran Turismo 6. We look forward to sharing further details on this title in the near future.” When pressed for more information beyond that, Sony refused to give us further comment.

This was a clear opportunity for Sony to downplay or back away from Mr. Denny’s comments, but they didn’t take it.

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Riderz13373558d ago

Poor guy just gave away GT6. I mean we all knew it was coming (Obviously) but it's just reassuring to hear it's actually confirmed. Would have hoped to have launched within a year of the PS4 but oh well, GT6 on PS3 is still a must buy.

koehler833557d ago

I'm not sure how reassuring it is.

GT5 took so damn long and never lived up to its promise of being a 'platform' on which the series would be built. It got some decent updates, to be sure.. but once again we have to start from scratch with a damn VW Bug, and for what? On the same hardware, what could a new title possibly offer that GT5 couldn't?

Me-Time3557d ago

VW SambaBus on the Top Gear Test track as a special event. Don't you know the history of Gran turismo? It's all about car history and possibly being able to use a car that you own or have owned in the past. You're being ignorant.
Also, since it's going to be for the PS3, apparently, it won't be as difficult to improve upon, optimize, and add a bunch of new content. THEE first PS3 game to be put into development and it's THEE flagship title of the PlayStation brand.

Don't you think this time around it'll be different? You're basing your assumptions on one game solely? Real smart.

koehler833557d ago

And why can't they improve upon, optimize and add new content to the game I already own and have invested considerable time into?

Riderz13373557d ago

@Koehler83 - Have you even played GT5? From your comment it seems like all you did was watch a couple of youtube videos LOLOL!

koehler833557d ago

Of course I've played GT5. I've owned GT5 since the day it was released. I love GT5! I love the whole series. I even have the PSP version.

What did I say that gave any indication otherwise? I want MORE GT5. Give me updates. Give me DLC. Give me whatever they hell they want to make into GT6. What can they possibly do in GT6 that couldn't be added to GT5?

Am I talking to a wall here? I'm mystified.

EbeneezerGoode3557d ago

I agree. There's nothing much they can do to warrant a GT6 on the SAME HARDWARE that already wasn't powerful enough to do GT5 justice!

Should have left GT6 for PS4.

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NotSoSilentBob3557d ago

We already know it will not be a release game/1st year title. Sony let DriversClub take that place. It's a new IP so they are testing the waters.

KingPin3557d ago

because every ps gets a GT towards the beginning and towards the end of its life cycle.

what you will get on the ps4 is gt7 prologue followed later by GT7. that should be the relative early days of the ps4.

TongkatAli3558d ago

I don't understand the logic of not making it a launch game. Europeans are batshit crazy for Gran Turismo. PS4 would eat Wii U total sales in a day in Europe.

NotSoSilentBob3557d ago

Microsoft made the 2 racer mistake when they had Project Gotham and FM competing against each other. DriversClub got the launch window racer.

Merrill3558d ago

It could be a dual console release? Not impossible and would be a damn smart move.

LOGICWINS3557d ago

And pit the PS4 version of GT6 against Drive Club? Doubt it. That would be like releasing Resistance 4/Shadow Fall on the same day.

DoomeDx3557d ago

Dude there is no more Resistance game coming.

LOGICWINS3557d ago

Clearly I was being hypothetical to make a point.

Merrill3557d ago

Drive Club may yet be delayed, nothing is 100% confirmed a launch title yet.

UltraVegito3557d ago

Sorry,but I'm with logic on this one.
GT is one of sony's biggest system sellers and releasing it on the ps3(even as a dual release,unlikely since drive club has made it's bout) instead of the ps4 as exclusive is downright insane.
GT can move a vast number of ps4s' and a new IP like drive club doesn't have anywhere near that impact.
IF sony was smart they would leave the ps3 alone and focus on the ps4 mainly and the Vita.

Gamer-403557d ago

I think GT6 coming this year Ps3. Not dual console release.
GT7 Ps4 2015.

Me-Time3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Whoa. That's completely reasonable to think. I was thinking that if it won't/can't be a dual release (both systems), then GT7 will launch somewhere between mid-2015 to early 2016.

Of course though, I would prefer a dual console release for those that won't/can't buy a PS4. There still are people that are just now getting a PS3 for whatever reason they may have. It would be the perfect circumstance for them.

_____________________________ ____________
In reference to the reply/post I first made for this article above

koehler83 + 9m ago
"And why can't they improve upon, optimize and add new content to the game I already own and have invested considerable time into?"

Oyyyyyy. Ummmmmmmm, they have. Look at the Standard cars, look how much smoother and "optimized" the gameplay looks, look at how many free cars we've been given ever since the game launched. A game developer can't add a new game within a game through updates. You know there's a fee each time that the game developer updates their game(s) once/after they release the first update to their game(s)? PD even updated GT5 Prologue for crying out loud.

And see that I didn't "Disagree" with your post about owning GT5 since day one and only wanting MOAR from PD. You're just not right about how a business, game developer, car-loving "job" works. It's like you're completely oblivious to the fact that it's more than just a game considering the many factors in the real-world that affect the way things are meant or are supposed to be done.

The sounds? Really? After all these updates, you think the sounds are still bad? They're pretty damn good, mind you.

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