So How Long Before The Virtual Divorces Start?

Love knows no bounds. With thousands of years of bigotry, hatred, racism, bias, and war we still manage to have broken social boundaries everyday with inter-faith, inter-racial, and same sex marriages. We have tested the world's views of what is socially acceptable over and over again, and while we have come so far there is still a lot of ground to be covered, or uncovered, depending on your vantage point.

With that being said is proud to announce that Legend: War of the Dragons is going to be the most progressive browser-based MMO ever, as they not only have introduced an English language version of this Russian game, but they are also now going to have in-game weddings. That's right, your level 8 warrior, Thrakzagor can now marry your friend's character, SexyPants72. It will be officially recognized in the game, and you even get a set of rings and a officiant to help you with your vows.

According to Waygate Publishing's press release, there are also 27 new quests, over 50 new items, 10 new monsters, 12 new locations and 6 new NPCs and a Navigator funtion.

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