Blu-ray will continue to be the dominant medium for games on the PS4

Jim Ryan states: "It is obvious, not only for games but almost every form of entertainment that is increasing sales of digital content, it has already started on the PS3 and possibly accelerate the PS4. But the primary carrier for the larger PS4 games remain Blu-ray to a point."

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2pacalypsenow3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Good i hope it stays like this for a while DIsk Media + (optional)Digital FTW

GamersRulz3558d ago

PS3 was the knight that made Sony emerge victorious in HD format war in 2006.

sdtarm3558d ago

The PS3 didn't come out unscathed but now Sony are back bigger and better ;)

attilayavuzer3557d ago


What? No, no they're not. They've lost a bunch of assets recently

The_KELRaTH3557d ago

I agree but had also hoped for quad layer support as 50GB is going to be like using DVD's for current consoles.
If 1 CoD map pack for the PS3 is around 8-10gb it's easy to envisage that size jumping to 20-30gb for the PS4. Uncharted 3 download is compressed to 43.5GB - UC4 would likely double that.

miyamoto3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Where are the digital game kiosks where we can download games in a store?

The_KELRaTH3557d ago

I remember when that was being discussed back at Atari - for 8bit games and cartridges!!

Bounkass3557d ago

It's all about storage GB! The more space the better.

GribbleGrunger3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

To be honest, I thought this was a given. It took quite a while to establish Blu-ray because of the need for HDTV penetration to hit adequate levels. Now that it HAS, it would be rather silly to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Obviously the PS4 will be fitted with bigger capacity Blu-rays that run at a better speed, but compatibility will be there and that's what counts for people who have built a sizeable Blu-ray collection over the years.

A Sony exec recently stated that for online distribution a 4K movie could require upwards of 100gb+. With compression (a better version of which Sony are working on at the moment) I can see that levelling out at no more than 100gb. This suggests to me that the PS4 Blu-ray discs will cater for 100gbs and it also suggests to me that we may see 1tb HDDs as standard.

Following on from that thinking, it also means that the PS4 is likely to allow for external HDD storage, rather like the Wiiu. I see no other solution.

Arai3557d ago

I think we can assume that PS4 will have a optical drive that supports BDXL.
Especially since the system supports 4k movie playback and Sony is pushing 4K in general.

Gives devs a lot more space also IF they require it otherwise maybe 2x BD discs (if cheaper than BDXL).

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The story is too old to be commented.