Sony: Core gamers will be well catered for on PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment has told Pocket-lint that the PS4 will "cater" for core gamers as it looks to capture those jaded with what's on offer at the moment.

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GamersRulz3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

PS4 is shaping up to be the PERFECT gaming machine. Great job from Sony's part, the rest is on us gamers.

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BattleAxe3558d ago

Sony FTW! Bubbles all around+

knowyourstuff3558d ago

Every new console being as expensive as they will be right out of the gate is catered to the hardcore audience, typical older with more money. Older people don't care what the console costs, and extra 1 or 2 hundred bucks is nothing, just like Cliffy B said, you need to cater to the older hardcore audience on day 1.

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3-4-53558d ago

I've never been a Sony fan. Never hated them or even disliked them, just never liked the Dual Shock controller or load times.

I think I may be getting a PS4 though.

* Everything about it so far is awesome and everything I've heard about the new xbox is awful.

Sucks because I love the 360 and would rather get the new xbox but if the PS4 is going to be that much better I may have to make the switch.

Bumpmapping3558d ago

Of course we will its why Playstation continues to be my platform of choice.

platformmaster9183558d ago

Haven't been dissappointed by one yet and I've had all their home consoles! Gotta love how they support legacy systems too. Ninokuni, sly, beyond, GoW, LoU, and puppeteer are all great exclusives coming out in ps3s final year on market and now apparently gt6 will come to it as well (luckily drive club has ps4 covered). Compare that to 360 this year or wii last year. That's right there is no comparison because only Sony supports a system like this even with a successor in the wings/out. God of war 2 came out in 07 on ps2 I remember

Majin-vegeta3558d ago

Killzone:SF alone sold me on it. Although Knack really caught my attention.LOve quirky games like that.

GABRIEL10303558d ago

Yes, Killzone looks amazing and will have ISA and helghast campaing..great.

Ticklez3558d ago

I feel it had a ratchet and clank feel to it. I'm excited.

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The story is too old to be commented.