PALGN: Big Beach Sports Preview

One of the numerous games PALGN got to check out while visiting THQ headquarters in Melbourne last week was Big Beach Sports. PALGN were intrigued to sit down with the game and take a good look because, amazingly, it was only officially announced a mere week beforehand.

Though the game is another face in the ever-growing crowd of Wii mini-game compilations, the announcement was notably exciting for PAL sports fans, as it marked the first game for the Wii to feature cricket. In fact, the title seems to have found a niche in the market of sports games yet to make it to the Wii - volleyball, disk golf, and bocce also make it, while traditional staples such as soccer and American football tag along for the ride.

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wiizy4191d ago

i may even buy this game for all the good support thq is showing to the wii..