Gameinformer- Beastie Bay Review

GI:The best parts of Beastie Bay make me wish it was exclusively a simulation; Kairosoft's fusion of creature collection and island simulation is charming, but shallow combat and repetition kill the desire to catch 'em all.

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The best Pokemon alternatives on iOS

It's abundantly clear by now that, were Nintendo to release (or re-release) a Pokemon game on iOS or Android, the company would clean up. So many people want to catch a Porygon on their mobile that other games companies have realised that there's a hefty profit to be made from filling that JRPG-lite hole in the market, and have gone ahead and created games heavily inspired on the premier monster battler. But which games are worth your time, and what's less use than a Magikarp?

KonsoruMasuta3375d ago

I stopped watching when he said the games were F2P. The first game looked terrible and I doubt the list would get better.


What The Heck Is Mid-Core? Best 5 Free Mid-Core m-Games (Android and iPhone)

Appszoom's brief dissertation on this newly coined term and 5 neat examples.

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Peter_Warrior3527d ago

Aaaand yes, it'd be great if you add your favorite m-mid-core games in the comments, if it isn't asking too much, so we can delimit it.

Derekvinyard133526d ago

Good read dude, I like how you explained casual games and hardcore games, I also see that you put beastie bay in here, not saying its a bad game but it was the only kariosoft game I couldn't get into. I give them a lot of credit though because I honestly feel game dev story is one of the best games on IOS and android. Still waiting for number 2

Peter_Warrior3526d ago

Yes, Dev Story would have been more adequate, and Beastie Bay isn't the best Kairo game. I chose it because I wanted to put Kairo as example, but also needed some Pokémon-like game.

joab7773526d ago

Like Persona 4? Lol! Is that coming to ps3 tomorrow? How am I to play Dark Souls, Persona and FF14 on Friday. Wtf!


Eurogamer - Beastie Bay Review

EG:Beastie Bay will remind you a lot of other Kairosoft games, like Game Dev Story. During its simplistic monster battles, it will almost certainly remind you of Pokémon. But it most reminded me of a maths teacher I had in primary school who would use strange examples to make the subject more interesting: instead of apples and coins, it was dinosaurs and doughnuts. All that silliness would distract us all from the fact that we were doing boring old sums, and Beastie Bay uses similar misdirection techniques, with moments of calculated weirdness - and the occasional dose of cute - to deflect attention away from its systems. Which, when it comes down to it, are often little more than busywork.

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