OXM: Soul Calibur IV Preview

"Sooooul Calibur... FOUR." It's the booming voice that heralds the fourth iteration in this esteemed fighting game series, that echoes across the room grabbing the attention of those hard at work, that makes grown men giggle like girls in excitement of what's ahead. It is, as the voice announces, Soul Calibur IV.

OXM went hands-on with an early build of Namco Bandai's brawler and played around with the three characters made available in these early stages - Mitsurugi, Cassandra and Taki.

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jinn3933d ago

i would stop buying fighting games from here on

DFresh3933d ago

Soul Calibur 4 Rules!
Best fighting game ever.
PS3 Version is the best version.
Play B3YOND!