Will the PS4 kill couch co-op?

The internet enables people to connect without the need for face-to-face interaction, which isn't always a good thing. The new features Sony has touted for the PS4 further removes that personal connection you have with your friends. Instead of calling your friend up to come over and help you out with a particular tough spot, you can have your friend get you through a mission online. Because of this, your couch might get a bit more lonely with the absence of your buddy.

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DaveyB3559d ago

I don't think PS4 will kill couch co op any more than the current generation has. I think online play has a lot to answer from in terms of numbing the fighting game scene - so many players are just to lazy for offline meets now, which is a shame - as for fighter offline is a much better experience - both for player skill levels and for the social side.

As long as there are families and siblings though, couch co-op is still really important.

SilentNegotiator3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

The 7th gen already left offline multiplayer to die; support for offline co-op and stuff has gotten atrocious.

otherZinc3558d ago

XBOX Live Reg did that 10 years ago. We used to have Madden League Games where we brought extra tv's, chairs, consoles, controllers, & bought pizza & wings throughout the night.
Then Halo LAN parties happened,
Then Online happened
Then we never had another party until our kids were graduating high school.

So yeah, that's been done already.
Now, I play couch co-op with my daughter & link co-op with my son, his consoles is in his room.

johnsonbat3558d ago

Sorry mate I accidentally hit disagree when I went to hit agree. Gave you a bubble up instead.

JimmyJames703559d ago

I'm hoping that LEGO games never stop being couch co-op.

RyanDJ3559d ago

The split screen introduced in recent titles allowing you to go further than a screen away from each other is genius. More titles should utilize that.

JimmyJames703559d ago

We actually don't like the split screen approach. It makes it harder to see stuff. My kids agree. The only thing better about LEGO Indiana Jones than LEGO Pirates is that the screen doesn't split. On the other hand, it forces you to stay closer together. There are pros and cons.

evalkheylen3559d ago

Lego games (admit) are cool and I honestly think anyone who
ONLY USES the online features of the PS4 to play co-op with
friends are just pure lazy bums

RyanDJ3559d ago

How long till we jack into the Matrix to game?

3558d ago
360ICE3558d ago

Nothing will kill couch co-op. Too many of the best memories in gaming are couch co-op. No one can take that away from us (console) gamers.

360ICE3558d ago

Yeah, but the developers need to sell games.
This gen we'ev actually gotten plenty split-screen online games. So you can bring a couch buddy online!


trenso13558d ago

True but how many new gamers are out there who have been spoiled by online, and don't see the value in couch co-op.

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