The Minority Report on Gamer 2.0

Gamer 2.0 has just published their first podcast entitled "The Minority Report," since they view themselves as a minority voice in the gaming media.

Not looking to compete with 1UP Yours and their excellent show, The Minority Report adopts a different format where the hosts are under the clock quickly answering a variety of questions lobbed at them about various topics. Also, we mixed in a couple of hilarious commercials that any gamer should recognize (he's a DJ from a certain game franchise).

The also have two other segments as a part of the show. The first being "The Showdown" where the two hosts take on questions like "Who do you got in a fight, Phil Harrison or Reggie Fils-Aime?" and "Who will finish second in the console race? PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?"

The final segment is entitled Buy or Sell where they take potential situations or a general questions, and either "buy" into the idea by believing it will happen or it being true, or "sell" it thinking it won't happen or it being false.

Enjoy the show, and yes, I am both the co-publisher and co-host. We've worked hard and hope you enjoy this alternative gaming podcast.

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blueleopard4189d ago

Reggie talks too much.

Good article.

AnthonyPerez4189d ago

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy the podcast. We've gotten some feedback from our readers at Gamer 2.0 as well as from one of the guys that approved the article.

It was a ton of fun to record.

Gammbit4189d ago

It's nice to have an audio show that doesn't dawdle. Who likes dawdlers? Not I.

AnthonyPerez4188d ago

I think it has a lot more life than MSNBC LOL.

Amadeo4189d ago

Call me biased, but I really like this format. I think it's quick-hitting, informative, and respecting of the amount of time I have throughout my day to dedicate to listening to a podcast. The show moves quickly while still injecting valuable news an opinion.

Everyone should give it a listen. At a little over half an hour, with an anticipation to drop that even lower, there's nothing to lose. Check it out.

FilippoDinolfo4189d ago

I like the format. Now when the heck are you going to get me on?

Will EA close the deal before GTA4's release? Probably not. These things do take a lot of time to go through.

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