Historically The PlayStation Brand Has Forced Everyone To Deviate, Or Die

" writes-- So the lesson of the day? From a historical standpoint, no gaming company has been able to stay the course when going up against Sony and its PlayStation brand. Those who've tried have either been forced to go after a totally different market (Wii and Xbox 360 Kinect) or faced the prospect of becoming irrelevant in the market (N64, GameCube, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast). With the announcement of the PS4, it's pretty clear that Sony is revving the PlayStation brand's engine and firing on all cylinders. Something that Microsoft would have been expecting, thus why I kind of understand why Microsoft's Senior vice-president of their Interactive Entertainment Business said that they're changing their focus "from a gaming console, to an entertainment console." Though something tells me that might just another way of throwing in the towel and leaving to Caesar what is Caesar's. As we speak, Xbox 360 fell behind the PS3 worldwide even after a full year head start and while maintaining a price advantage for the entire generation as well. Meanwhile Sony is still pumping out games for the PS3 including new IPs such as The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, while being the number one device used in the world for other things like Netflix."

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miyamoto3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Great observation and great read!

Bottom line, that about sums it all up for PlayStation brand and its competitors.

classic2003557d ago

He missed one system I think

APPLE pippin, since then apple stayed away from gaming, I always laugh when people talk about apple coming into gaming when clearly they don't want to have anything to do with it since the pippin.

stuna13557d ago

Actually I totally forgotten about the pippin, so bad it didn't even register in my memory! Dang I feel old!

guitarded773557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

@ classic200

If Apple made a console, they'd come out with a few model every year :D

WeAreLegion3557d ago

That wasn't an observation.

That was a line from Sucker Punch.

TheDivine3557d ago

That was much older than that movie. It was credited to Malcom X but I think Alaxander Hamilton was the original person who said it. It's like when people credit Abe Lincoln for saying a house divided against itself cannot stand. It was said by him but he got it from Jesus. Little tidbit for you young guys in here.

WeAreLegion3557d ago

Haha. Thank you for the clarification. It does happen quite a lot. I see people quote bands all the time on Facebook. It's usually something King Solomon said. In fact, most quotes are just a variation of something King Solomon said. Dude was brilliant.

MikeMyers3557d ago

So does that mean Sony must also deviate or die trying when it comes to handheld gaming?

theDECAY3557d ago

That's actually interesting. It depends, however, if you think Sony and Nintendo are going after the make market. I.E. kids vs adults, stuff like that.

Cupid_Viper_33557d ago

@ WeAreLegion

Well, they are going after a different market. just look at the specs and the games for each handheld.

MikeMyers3557d ago

So what you are saying is Sony had to deviate like the article suggests others do because they know they can't compete as well as Nintendo when it comes to handheld gaming.

Cupid_Viper_33557d ago

No I'm saying that Sony's PSP was never after the same market as Nintendo's handhelds. Sony has always been about "specs" and core games.

Deviate: Verb
Depart from an established course.
Depart from usual or accepted standards.

Which course did Sony depart from in the handheld or console department?

miyamoto3557d ago

Should I really have to answer that?
Come on you should know the answer to that by now?

My answer:


Sony can't be arsed to stoop down Nintendo's level no matter what.

Believe me I tried & talked to Mr. Shuhei Yoshida. I tried to convince him, that portable handhelds are widely dismissed as kiddie toys but they still stick to the PSP plan.

Good luck trying to convince Sony to deviate & put Nintendo-ish games on PSP/Vita.

They have their own goals that is completely unrelated to Nintendo. PlayStation started with core gamers, stuck with core gamers and will end with core gamers. That is the image they stand for the PSP since 9 years ago & until the end.

In fact, like I said before, it is the 3DS who tried to deviate and be like a PSP.

Adding an analog nub, securing a deal with Capcom to get the PSP's most popular game franchise Monster Hunter etc etc are some obvious steps to steal market share from the still selling PSP.

For 19 years since 1994, Sony PlayStation has tried its darnest best to take away the stigma that video games are young kiddie playthings and can be enjoyed by teens and adults.

What makes you think PlayStation will fall for the very things they have stood up against?

MikeMyers3557d ago

"Sony can't be arsed to stoop down Nintendo's level no matter what."

Really? So you play Wonderbook, Singstar, Ben 10, Spongebob SquarePants The Yellow Avenger, Carnival Island, Ape Escape, EyePet, and Start the Party with all your buddies on a Friday night?

Hicken3556d ago

Nice that you ignore Cupid's response to you. Miyamoto was a bit off with his comment, so addressing him was fine, but treating Cupid's remark as if it didn't exist is telling.

MikeMyers3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


Why would I further address Cupid when he already explained himself? He's right, Sony didn't have to deviate but they are indeed having issues getting the Vita out there. So is it a case of die trying?

The fact is the Playstation brand didn't force Nintendo to do anything in the handheld arena. In fact Nintendo has shown time and time again it isn't specs that matter in that market. So that counters the original topic. Something you seem not too eager to want to get involved with which is ironic now on your part.

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nukeitall3557d ago

Why do articles like these always use outdated information, such as:

"As we speak, Xbox 360 fell behind the PS3 worldwide even after a full year head start and while maintaining a price advantage for the entire generation as well."

The official numbers directly from MS and Sony puts MS still ahead. Look it up in the financials and do your research.

That is an old, misguided article that assumed projection as truth, that turned out to be false!

Lvl_up_gamer3557d ago

Not just projection but 3rd party estimates.

Even Jack Tretton didn't know how many they "shipped" when he was asked so he said "we sold 77 million....I think"

Clarence3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Jack tretton said " I think we’re at 77 million sold right now." That's different from ship. M$ official numbers last time were 76m.

The PS3 force the 360 to try and focus on being an entertainment hub.

@level up gamer
Stop it.
3rd party estimates are the same as what Jack Tretton said. 3rd party estimated what M$ numbers were then M$ released their numbers. They were pretty much the same.
Let go off it 360 ended up last this gen, but it doesn't make it a bad console.

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Thatguy-3103557d ago

Gaming is Sony and Nintendo. Honestly I see other companies come and go. Not because they do bad but because they lose the sight of what gaming is and venture to a different territory.

IcicleTrepan3557d ago

Microsoft's only been making DirectX for almost 20 years now.. but yeah, they're just noobs right?

ALLWRONG3557d ago

Shhhh... you can't speak that kind of truth here. This is N4G, here Sony invented everything during the ice age.

wsoutlaw873557d ago

well there are plenty of companies in the game buisness. The author is referring to consoles

WildArmed3557d ago

Man, I remember when I used to play games on Windows NT. Some of my most fond memories of gaming are from back then. My big brother and I would take turns, fighting over who gets to play first.

stuna13557d ago


It couldn't have been said better! Sony has IMO tried to stay true to the roots of gaming, it has been a reason why they have continued to focus on bringing more games even in the face of losing billions! If that doesn't show a passion for gaming, I don't know what does. Most would have cut their loses and moved to something new.

sdozzo3557d ago

Until now mfer! Playstation is back in black!

Bumpmapping3557d ago

I agree 100% Kinect was the only way M$ could keep up with PS3 sales.Nintendo did the smart thing by going after a completely new market and not going head 2 head with Sony to begin with.This generation is going to be one for the ages only time will tell who will come out on top.

ALLWRONG3557d ago

And Sony has copied the Wii-mote, PSN is a copy of Live, cloud, and now they copy Kinect. Sony has done a fantastic job coming up with "innovative" ways of copying the competition.

smashcrashbash3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

PSN isn't a copy of Live. Live is a copy of Dreamcast's store and Steam. Sorry but Live wasn't original and neither were Achievements or Kinect.When are people going to stop pretending that every single one of Microsoft and Nintendo's ideas were original? Sony came up with gaming cam to track movements on a console long before Microsoft even thought of it but you would never accuse Microsoft copying.They just 'improved on it' which according to fanboys isn't stealing.Unless Sony does it. Then it is stealing.

Nintendo took Sony AR cards to use for their 3DS and no one blinked an eyelash.In fact some dumb people still think they made that up and that SSB was an original idea.The only reason that they get away with it because Nintendo and Microsoft fanboys are too deep in their personally bubble to realize everyone has taken ideas from each other all the time.

Turning a console into a multimedia device.Sony's idea from the get go but they got the scorn and Microsoft and Nintendo get the praise for doing it now. They are smart to do it now while with Sony it was quote 'Why would we want to use all that stuff? A console is for games.That is why Microsoft and Nintendo are smart because they made a GAME CONSOLE'. And now people are telling Sony 'You need to make your console into a multimedia device that does everything so you can compete with everyone' Really?

Outside_ofthe_Box3557d ago

***"And Sony has copied the Wii-mote"***

What happened to not comparing the two in anyway?
As pointed out in the article GOTTA LOVE HYPOCRISY.

HarryB3557d ago

I think you guys give a shit too much. The fuck cares about games. Live your life. A bad game is a bad game ( like blackops) so you move on. Playstation is whatever and if you don't like it then make paper planes or stfu and have a nice warm glass of milk. I owned both for years. Who the fuck cares.

sdozzo3557d ago

Angry poster. Go away.

MysticStrummer3557d ago

Ah I see. Your opinion on the subject is important. *makes a note*

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