MacBook Air aflutter: demand stays strong, sold out often

Ken Fisher of Ars Technica writes: "It might not be the iPhone, but the MacBook Air is selling much stronger than many of us would have guessed. After a full month of being on the market, the MacBook Air is still a difficult commodity to obtain in some markets (not all), and Apple is still quoting a 5-7 business day minimum shipping time even for the most standard models ordered from its web site.

Meanwhile, Amazon won't be shipping orders until March 16 now, and many customers who run to a Best Buy thinking they'll find one hiding out there will be surprised: there aren't many to go around. One Best Buy source (not a retail floor worker) told me that Apple has kept them pretty thin on stock. Now I can see why."

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Tempist4188d ago

Give it some time, and they'll be at the point where they won't be able to give them away, or they'll do a stupid thing like they did with the iPhone and have to give money back to early adopters.

Matter of time. That's all it is.