Natural Selection 2 Set to Receive Free Gorgeous Update - Trailer live

Unknown Worlds has unveiled details (thanks Glynd) and a date for their upcoming free update "Gorgeous" to recently launched RTS FPS Natural Selection 2. The new update is set for launch sometime today and will feature various new content including Railguns, Gorge Tunnels, Descent and "quite a few fun surprises."

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Ghoul3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Guys this is important.

Support this game and buy it.
The Gorgeous DLC is FREE!!!!! and so is every update in the Future!!!!

Natural Selection 2 Is probably the Best Team orianteated MP game i have played in the last Years, and oh boy i played a LOT in the last 27 Years. (check myprofile if you dont believe me

Support this Developer and help them Grow!!!!

they have an insane understanding of pleasing the fans and caring for theyre game, they constantly fix and upgrade the game on a regular base

Tweak Engine Code for better Performance, and fix bugs on a Regular Base.
And that is a RARE situation these days.

and its not just a content upgrade, it includes a massive load of Upgrades

- Graphics Upgraded (Reflections, Hit Decals, Shader Upgrades, and much more)
- Better Performance
- New Map
- New Abilitys (Babbler for Gorge, Gorge Tunnels, Railgun for Exo)

think about it its only 25 bucks for the game and all Future Updates and DLC

- NO Season pass crap
- NO Microtransactions or whatsoever.
- NO Premium Services


kookie3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Natural Selection 2 is a good game


Eclipse is the Latest Free map for Natural Selection 2

Unknown Worlds just released a trailer showing off the latest map for Natural Selection 2 free of charge.

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Bundle Gameplay - Humble Jumbo Bundle

GG3 shows off the latest package deals on the net. The latest Humble Jumbo Bundle gets detailed through Natural Selection 2, a multiplayer shooter with aliens. It's as cool as it sounds.


Warning: We Use Harsh Language When We Play Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2 from Unknown Worlds is all about strategy, communication, and teamwork. Unfortunately for the Twinfinite staff, we have none of those things.

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ATiElite3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

This Game is Super fun and very tactical. YES girls do play natural selection 2. PC Girls are so cool.

not all of them curse this much though. YAMI is just so FOUL mouthed that's it's kinda cool! Claudia doesn't curse that much! YAMI OMG she is potty mouth!

She's the Commander she is building stuff, issuing orders, and using the RTS portion of the game. Her role is really important and they are not taking her serious. which is why they are losing.

They are Newbies. My team would Destroy them! Actually we wouldn't even play them lol

Marines need to work as two man teams and deploy lots of turrets.

Aliens are cool as run n gun solo-ist but they need to deploy health regen areas and baby factories/ egg bases.

they totally suck at Natural Selection 2

they should stick to Heroes of Newarth!

They play a lot of games and are funny but they suck at NS2!

qzp3569d ago

good thing they warned me, my fragile little ears would have been damaged