No HDD in Core 360 a "mistake", says dev

The decision not to include a hard drive as standard with every 360 was a "mistake" by Microsoft, Bourne Conspiracy's lead game designer has told CVG.

The Core and Arcade versions of the Xbox 360 come without hard drives, meaning developers have to make sure their games can work without a HDD to cater for those users. But this restricts their freedoms with hard drive use, Rory McGuire explained.

"In retrospect I wish Microsoft had made the choice to have [mandatory] hard drives like Sony did with the PS3," he said.

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sonarus4188d ago

there is no two ways about it, it simply was a mistake. Msoft is handling it pretty well though. They haven't abandoned the format yet and if they can hold on to the core for the entire lifetime of the xbox 360 i will throw them some heavy salutes.

kevoncox4188d ago

Like people have pointed out. It's not needed to play games.
Online for Burnout is missing but, I believe that the price of admission is more important than selling consoles for a loss.

MS is making money hand over fist this gen and it pisses alot of people off. MS is exactly where they wanted to be. They are going to put aside 1 billion for the reparing of 360's thru it's life time but Until sony is ready to bring the price of the Ps3 down someone, MS is going to be makign atleast 100 on every console

meepmoopmeep4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

not needed NOW... but it's a bottleneck for developers and this will show in a couple years. You will see a trend of games requiring an HDD. get back to reality.. the 360 without a standard HDD will suffer this gen until MS forces those without an HDD to get one and everyone will get suckered into buying an way overpriced proprietary HDD.

gamesR4fun4188d ago

ya thats one corner they never should of cut...
that and getting the hardware right.

radzy4188d ago


MADGameR4187d ago

Well Microsoft if you want to the core 360s to sell more, add a 5GB HD or something (with DMC4 install its ALREADY full). Oh and roll that price back up $300! If not, they will be posing $100 per 360 core! Awesome MS just AWWESOME! I think they diserve to get screwed honestly. For screwing all 360 owners. (BTW enjoy clicking on the disagree buttons! We know you guys care about a company that does'nt give a crap about you more than yourself!) I am referring to the hardcore MS fans. ''Love a company even after they screw you more than once''=mind control

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mighty_douche4188d ago

Anyone with the slightest understanding of tech or development knew not including a HDD was a huge mistake. Unfortunately its only really started coming to light with games such as Burnout having to drop features altogether.

I guess one of us should of rang M$ a few years back, hell i would of but i was busy ogling PS3 pictures...

kevoncox4188d ago

Sony fanboys love HDD this gen.
Last gen it was stupid and memory cards were the best thing ever.

Odonnus4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Why are you looking at last gen? What you should be looking at is whether or not the consoles are advancing properly. Adding standard HDD to the PS3 was a giant step forward from PS2 in the same way that 360 took a step backwards from xbox. I don't know who you knew that was arguing that memory cards > HDD last gen, but i haven't met anyone that made that claim.

cr33ping_death4188d ago

wow someone resorting to the past to make themselves feel better. how sad. right kevon?

Exhaust4188d ago

Mistakes are always made in the development of consoles. RROD is another example. Lack of universal in game voice chat on PS3 is another. Forturnately for gamers most mistakes can be overcome with time.

MS should change the HDD policy. Eliminate the Arcade and Core models, drastically reduce the price of add on HDD's and allow developers to require HDD for compatibility.

moparful994188d ago

I've seen elsewhere that you claim you are a ps3 owner but you speak more like a 360 fan.. You support everything they do yet your only complaint about the ps3 is the lack of in game xmb functions? What about the fact that the 360 doesnt have hdmi standard, or wifi, what about memory card slots, or the fact that you have to buy 360 branded hard drives... Face it microsoft made alot of mistakes this gen the only thing they did better then sony in my own opinion is the online... Sony's online is good but not as fluid as microsofts... However the fact that you also have to pay for that as well is a deal breaker....

candystop4188d ago

Yes the Wifi would of been nice but the 360 does have memory slots and hdmi is now available for 360! Both consoles have missing features but I do agree that not installing a hdd in every console was a mistake!

LinuxGuru4188d ago

Candystop, he meant PROPRIETARY memory slots.

You can use hard drive, USB flash drives, memory stick duo, memory stick pro duo, compact flash, SD card, etc etc etc on the PS3.

On the 360, you must use certified, licensed microsoft storage devices to hold game data.

VigorousApathy4187d ago

So Kevoncox thinks you're a sony fanboy if you thought an HDD would have been stupid in the PS2, but important for the PS3. Personally I disagree.

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PStriple7034188d ago

no hhd,no built in wireless,no hd drive...all mistakes

Hydrollex4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )


Everyday I loose my bubbles because I tell the truth :(

Area_514188d ago

M$ biggest mistake of all is BYPASSING QUALITY CONTROL

kevoncox4188d ago

Fanboys like you give gamers a bad name.
Last gen your peloved ps2 had none of these things and you rebuked them in the xbox. Why all the love for standard things this gen?

If sony said so, it must be so.
Sony said I need built in wireless..I need it
Sony said I need a HDD drive, I need it.

MS says I need in game messaging...Lol I don't need that

LeShin4188d ago

But you're calling out someone for being a "fanboy" but in a few posts up you mention "Sony Fanboys" and not Microsoft fanboys ??!!!


Ring a bell?

kevoncox4188d ago

NO I mentioned that because it the Sony fanboys that talk aout no HDD.
It wouldn make sense to talk about MS fanboys arguing about HDD.

All console have their fanboy/ nerds.
If you think I'm mor epower to you, hoever, I've been gaming befoe Sony or MS even thougt about gaming consoles. Why would I pledge alligence to any 1 console maker? Neither were around when I was a serious gamer! I'll leave it to you 16 yers olds to argue about 4 usb ports vs. 3 usb ports

The Wood4188d ago

its clear what angle your coming from. Im tired of all this negative 360 news too but i was also tired of all the negative ps3 news. Ive not once seen you call out the mart, firstknight, bloodmask. You see when there was more negative ps3 news there were more 360 fboys rearing their heads and now this is not the case their numbers and comments have decreased considerably. Now the ps3 fboys seem louder and some are pissed for all the facts mixed with fud and bullsh*t they had to endure until late last year

Area_514188d ago

That statment was well said.....bubbles for you!!!!

VigorousApathy4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

I wonder how it's possible for you to believe the things you say. First the X-Box puts in some technology that isn't needed yet, then they take it out when it is needed. This is not in fact Sony fanboyism, but rather the evolution of video games. X-Box devolved, you seem to be proud of it. I guess you think the PS1 should also have had an HDD.

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pwnsause4188d ago

no crap is was a mistake, the core was launched for it to compete with the PS2, a system that has already sold about 110million consoles to consumers at the time the 360 got launched. just for that they are possibly paying the price now. just look at burnout, not to make it a big deal or anything, but just look, you can not take the full advantage of burnout paradise online if you do not have the HDD.

Odonnus4188d ago

Putting a small hardrive in would've cost microsoft very little

deeznuts4188d ago

MS can fix this problem. Aren't the different SKU's pretty much identical hardware wise as it relates to the HDD?

Open up their HDD proprietary whatever you call it, let people install a HDD instead of charging an arm and a leg (i know you can get it cheaper used/ebay) and it will help alleviate the problem somewhat.

LinuxGuru4188d ago

You know what I did with the 120GB hard drive from my friend's elite after he didn't want it anymore? (DVD drive broke and he didn't want to bother sending it back....pissed him off because I warned him before he bought it)

I took the hard drive out of the casing, formatted it, and put it in my laptop!!


Thank you Micro$oft!

pwnsause4188d ago

I hope this game is good BTW.