'Black Ops 2' DLC and Season Passes underperforming

Activision's Call of Duty franchise is a phenomenon played by hundreds of millions of gamers, grossing over $3 billion in sales, and breaking sales records year over year with each release. But there are some (very vague) signs pointing to its popularity starting to wane.

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maxcon2060d ago

Unfortunately, "waning" popularity isn't good enough to make COD die. All this means is that there will (potentially) be a smaller budget for the games as the sales drop over the next 4 years or so. Then, reboot.

lilbrat232060d ago

What pissed me off about the Map packs is that when the Elite was first introduce Activision had stated it will work with future games. Now if you have an elite pass that you bought when you had MW3 it will NOT continue with the new Elite in BO2 which is a rip off.

UnholyLight2060d ago

I used to love CoD. Now it's just lots it's allure totally. I bought Blops II hoping I would enjoy it but I dont at all. The Multiplayer has gotten out of hand. I was always good at CoD online and this one I can't stomach. The single player is good but I have given up on this game.

I want CoD to go back to what made it special in the first place. WWII, those were the best CoD entries.

SuperbVillain2057d ago

wait actually believed them? hahahahahahahaha

KillerBBs2056d ago

News in: black ops hit detection is so horrible that game stop just announced that they will give a full refund to all black ops returns!!!

Rainstorm812060d ago

Hopefully next gen people will have had their fill of CoD and make another genre insanely popular

SilentNegotiator2060d ago

Activision is going to pull another Guitar Hero if they don't cool it on COD.

InTheLab2060d ago

The game has been broken since launch and the maps are overpriced. That line is interchangeable with the last 4 CoD games...and that is sad.

T22060d ago

After mw2 things went downhill .. The problem is theres just not enough to do ... Crossbow and c4 are fun but needs vehicles or destruction or something ...

2pacalypsenow2060d ago

MW2 was decent i enjoyed it as much as Cod 4 it wasn't as good as 4 but still up there

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XboxInnovation2060d ago

Call of duty died when the actual creators and devs left after MW2.

When they left the tank was full. Treyarch and Skedgehammer have been riding it out until the tank is empty, which is pretty close now.

maxcon2060d ago

Can't wait to see what respawn does.

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