10 Wii games you should know about, but probably don't

A list of 10 potential sleeper hits on the Wii.

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PS360WII5194d ago

Never heard of Deadly Creatures which looks pretty cool and some of the others look like they'll be fun to play as well. De Blob and Boom Blox for sure and the 2d action/rpg ^^

achhibbar5194d ago

Deadly Creatures was only just announced, the premise definitely sounds interesting.

M_Prime5194d ago

I hope those are not BULLSHOTS of deadly creatures..

DE BLOB looks interesting.. i may pick it up on the cheap on EBAY.. i'm running low on cash.. i did inventory and i already have 18 WII games.. plus BULLY and SMASH BROS(PAID FOR ALREADY) are on my list of games to get. so now that all these GOOD games are coming i am running low on cash..

ParaDise_LosT5194d ago

Where is Sadness? this list fails

Intrepid5194d ago

No one knows whether or not Sadness is even in production. Nibris (the developer) could very well be a fat man in his basement pretending to be a developer. We haven't seen any video of a game that was announced 2 years ago. Sounds fishy to me. There haven't been any face to face interviews with anyone from Nibris. Matt from IGN received an email from them, asking him to meet them at GDC for an interview. They never showed up. It could just be a huge practical joke.

I hope it isn't though.

ChickeyCantor5194d ago

i said it before and going to say it again, i remember an article about Nintendo saying that they dont know about NIBRIS whereabout, they denie that the game is in production....i could be wrong though its been a fe months back.

desolationstorm5194d ago

They didnt deny that it was in production but it hasnt been given the green light to come out on the wii because they havent submitted it yet for approval. Im very interested in the game, but in the industry of belly ups and great ideas Im not gonna hold my breath for this game to become a reality. Besides the fact that they dont have a publisher there is nothing knonw but cool ideas and character art.

If nothing is shown this year I wouldnt hold out for anything being shown ever.


Not too bad. If Wii were HD, I might actually have to start playing it again. But wait, it's not...

ChickeyCantor5194d ago

.i guess you missed the point of " open zone" and " Gamer zone".

GETPWNZORED5194d ago (Edited 5194d ago )

Oh? No. This is the Gamer Zone. I'm a Wii-owning gamer, which is why I clicked this article. And you?

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