Xbox 720 to use always-on DRM? It would doom the console

Rumors have recently resurfaced that the next Xbox will employ DRM that requires you to be online before you can access your games, whether it be for the purpose offline play or not. If true, it seems Microsoft would be releasing its next flagship piece of hardware with an install base of angry users, perhaps dooming the console from its beginning.

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Count3571d ago

Sees who submitted obvious flame bait article..

Why am I not surprised?

lastofgen3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

4 negative submissions regarding the next-gen xbox within 10 minutes??

oh's strongman..
only he can have so much free time to endlessly push your anti-xbox crusade.

soxfan20053571d ago

It's fear and anxiety. You can just tell from the tone of his comments how afraid he is (and many other are) that the new Xbox might be as good (or better) than the PS4. So, he has to start a pre-emptive trolling and hate campaign.

OC_MurphysLaw3571d ago

ROFL... @Strongman you should be ashamed. DOOOOOOMED... LOL... clown.

Jek_Porkins3571d ago

Why is he still on this site? I know people have had to report him like I have, but he always seems to come back and post more and more.

I'm of the opinion that he's one of the main things wrong with this site, not him alone, but the fact that he'll get more agrees than disagrees when obviously trolling is just wrong.

Anyway, these are the same rumors that plagued the PS4 and they turned out to be false, DRM doesn't work, and Microsoft has to know not everyone uses online, of the 76+ million Xbox 360's sold, only 46 million are online. Doubt they'd be willing to take a 30+ million consumer loss just to try and force people online at all times.

3571d ago
WarThunder3571d ago Show
maniacmayhem3571d ago


Every console has had it's fair share of doom and gloom. It's just this site and the "Sony fanboys" who elevate it and believe that it's all there is. And why shouldn't they, they stick to their own articles and that's all they think they see.

WarThunder3571d ago


Sorry mate but PS3 has world record in numbers of Doom/gloom articles. 360 had some but not like the PS3.

Back in 07-08-09 u would see PS3 doom articles every day.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3571d ago

Sorry but i think strongman is very reputable.

Dragos753571d ago

Probably because you are

Knight_Crawler3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

What is up with the mods...Strong man mocks them with his multiple accounts and constant trolling on 360 articles and they just let him roam free on N4G and also give him an extra bubble.

Also how can the mods allow him to post that RROD pic? if this was Something about Sony the mods would ban me or tell me to change my story pic.

This site is infested with pro PLAYSTATOION people and its sad to see the mods let this site get like this.

DonFreezer3570d ago

I'm sorry my friends but it's not just the fanboys it's the mods itself that are pro-sony.I have been banned several times because I have asked about them getting paid by Sony.

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vega2753571d ago

I highly doubt MS would do this. 1) not everyone has a internet cnnection to be online. 2) sony already has a patent for it. I dont see ms wanting to pay sony to use this. I can see sony doing this more then anyone. Since they been wanting to implement this for years now.

ichimaru3571d ago

Doom in the title- check
Humiliating pic of xbox - check
Rumored hated feature that's you know...rumored -Check

Alright you're cleared Hot, prepare for take off. Give my regards to the front page

Sonyslave33571d ago

Don't worry ichimaru I give them ur regards

( •_•)>⌐■-■

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