LittleBigPlanet first impressions by Eurogamer

At one point in Eurogamer's demonstration of LittleBigPlanet, someone asks a simple question about the physical interaction of the materials you can use to create stuff in its sticky-back-plastic platform-game world. It's answered, wordlessly, by level designer Dan Lewis. In a minute or two, he creates a constellation of blocks of concrete, wood and sponge hanging in mid-air. Then he exits edit mode - effectively un-pausing the game - and they crash to earth convincingly, tumbling, bouncing and squashing each other.

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mighty_douche4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

"It may not be the biggest PS3 release this year, but one thing's for sure, it's absolutely the most important"

Couldnt agree more, this will pull more people to the PS3 than any "space marine alien FPS shooter squel thats actually a prequal because we lack any form of creativity" type game.

SUP3R4186d ago

So so funny, but true.

I am looking forward to this game with wide eyes and open arms. It's so uniquely interesting that I can't help but buy it when it's released.
The community for this game will be in the millions by its' 1yr anniversary and I'm glad I'll be in there to experience every moment of it.
*bubbles for douche*
*thumbs up to media molecule*

Harry1904186d ago

is brillant.i can't wait to see
the levels that are going to be on offer.

butterfinger4186d ago

I can't wait for LittleBigPlanet... I would love to incorporate my younger siblings into a game on the PS3, and it seems that this will provide an enormous amount of gameplay time. Here to 2008 and owning a PS3.

anh_duong4186d ago

"It's going to be fascinating to watch LittleBigPlanet go head to head with that other poster-boy for the community-creation age,Spore, when they both release this September. Spore might be more successful by virtue of its platform and pedigree,"

are you serious?? unless spore gets released on consoles it will not beat LBP in sales.

pwnsause4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

i guess you're right, despite there are more things to do with spore than Little Big Planet, this game is getting released on the PC and not on consoles, maybe on the wii, but I dont think thats going to launch along side the PC version. I mean, just look at Crysis, although 1 million sales sounds like a lot for a PC game, but compare that to console games. thats why LBP will surpass it in sales.

deeznuts4186d ago

Spore may be played by more people though ;)

moparful994185d ago

pwnsause what do you mean there are more things you can do in spore then you can in lbp? I dont know much about spore but from what I have seen you basically start out as an ameoba(single celled organism) and evolve... What else can you do with spore? I know in little big planet you get to create entire levels. You are basically given the dev kit with the basic functions in place and you make the game along with the rest of the community.. That to me is the most you could ever do with a game.... I would like to know more about spore though so enlighten me.

TheExecutive4186d ago

Well written article. I wonder what awesomeness sony has in store for HOME. I seriously think home has a lot of potential for this game.

HowarthsNJ4186d ago

We need all the pivots, switches and what-nots we can get :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.