Pro Censorship MP Claims Games Glorify Nazis and Rape

Friday February 29th saw a heated debate in the House of Commons regarding the second reading of Julian Brazier's (Canterbury, Conservative) private member's bill to introduce yet another level of censorship to the United Kingdom. Of course, this used video games as a major wedge.

Brazier's bill, supported by Keith Vaz (Leicester East, Labour), seeks to introduce an official body that can challenge BBFC rulings. Effectively enabling people to delay the release of intellectual properties because those films, DVDs or video games have not been rated harshly enough.

The debate ranged over such inflammatory claims as the fact that people playing video games - in the words of Mr Vaz: "They can shoot people; they can kill people. As the honourable gentleman said, they can rape women."

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Hell yeah they do! Thats why i love them!