Holy Crap, King of Fighters XII Is 100 Percent Hand Drawn

When SNK showed off The King of Fighters XII at arcade show AOU in Japan and industry event GDC in San Francisco, the unanimous reply was: Nice cell shading. Thing is, that's totally incorrect. Today, Kotaku checked out the game's latest build at SNK's Osaka office and saw a few stages that haven't been revealed. Screens weren't available, but there was a French stage, complete with fat, rich women and an Egyptian one that had loyal subjects worshiping before the Pharaoh. Colorful stuff and classic SNK. The company set out to make the ultimate 2D fighter - unparalleled by anything else out there, attempting not only to raise the bar, but snap it in half. KOFXII producer Masaaki Kukino tells Kotaku:

"The game is one hundred percent hand drawn. There is zero cell shading in The King of Fighters XII."

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mighty_douche4002d ago

Thats exactly what i was hoping would happen with Street Fighter 4. Oh well, guess ill just have to pick up both : ) (if this comes to consoles of course).

Laexerias4002d ago

To 100% for the PS3 and eventually for the Xbox 360

Yi-Long4002d ago

... imagine a Street Fighter Alpha 4, completely 2d and sprite-based, in gorgeous, highly detailed and animated HD!

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (sigh) is KINDA doing it, but they havent done proper animations, and the backgrounds still look bland as hell. Sadly.

Street Fighter 4 looks to be cool, gameplay-wise and some models are outstanding (while other are horrible (Ken and 'blue-eyed' Ryu)), but i really would have preferred a highly detailed 2d spritebased fighter with a huge character-roster.

Looking forward to King of Fighters now. Hopefully it wont disappoint.

CrazedFiend4001d ago

Yeah, well I hope the game has better music. Whoever thought that NES techno beat music was perfect for this game needs to be drug out into the street and shot!

I was all set to download the video until it started playing (-_-;)

But I gotta say, the game looks sick!

darkside4002d ago

can't wait!! new engine. i hate the old engine.

bigjclassic4002d ago

I hope its just as fun as KoF XI. My tournament buddies and I played the last one to death. I hope they add Hanzo or Fuuma, because that'll be sick.

But I cannot stand thier androgenous guile character, he looks like a rip-off of an inuyasha character, imho.

Skerj4002d ago

Yeah Ash is kinda pushing it, they've made him more feminine every game since 2k3 too.

Skerj4002d ago

SNK really picked up the ball where Capcom dropped it in my eyes, hopefully they'll go back to 2D in SFV (yes they will be making it).

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The story is too old to be commented.