The Big Issue: First Take-Two, next EA's own console? writes: "When I first heard of the astonishing deal it got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe, EA wanted Take-Two not just because it wants to sell more sports games at a high price, but because it believes that now, finally, the time is right to take on the might of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft by releasing its own video game console."

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mighty_douche4003d ago

Personally i think they'd be stupid to move into the console market (hardware-wise), EA have a great money making potentail at the moment with their multi-plats, there's no need to push for more, just look how much its cost M$ to break into the market and they're yet to make any real money from it (obviously thats largely their fault).

Still, if it happens, im happy that Sony has so many in house developers.

gamesblow4003d ago

That'll be a real barn burner, lemme tell ya... Atleast we don't have to worry about them ditching the system. I mean, look at their track record. They've used the same Madden engine for over almost 10 years now.

SUP3R4003d ago

Where's my in-game XMB you told me would have been released this week?
Sony said it's coming in the summer.
What's up with that I thought you were an insider?

cLiCK_sLiCK94002d ago

He said to look foward to In-game XMB this week.
He never said it was going to be ready to download.

Exhaust4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

When a company gets as HUGE as EA people starting pondering how they could "really shake things up" kinda like with google and free satellite broadband and cell phones.

Think about it. How many consoles would EA have to get sold to sell as many units of software they currently do on multiplatforms? That would take massive investment and a large loss on hardware for a couple of years. Unlike MS and Sony EA doesn't have other huge business units to support that investment. If they supported all platforms until their platform was established it would take away their platforms biggest advantage.

While it definately would SHAKE things up (wonder if Sony, MS and Nintendo would have to develop their own sports games with no NFL) but I'll be shocked if it happens. We'll probably see Apple take another whack at consoles before EA jumps in.

jack who4003d ago

so were are the anti-truth ppl?

Monchichi0254003d ago

I would NEVER buy it no matter how many games they get. I HATE EA!

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The story is too old to be commented.