PS3 To Be Must-Have Holiday Gift Thanks to Blu-ray

According to the recent 2008 Digital Entertainment Survey of 1,600 British consumers by Entertainment Media Research, the Sony PS3 is expected to be the must-have holiday gift this coming shopping season, thanks to the games line-up, as well as the emergence of the high-definition Blu-ray format.

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rofldings4002d ago

The media's tune sure has changed within the last few months from those "Blu-ray is not necessary" articles.

Meus Renaissance4002d ago

It's the PS2 scenario all over again

masterg4002d ago

Yeah now it's all good.

A ton of users here on NG4 (including myself) has been saying this for the last year now. Of course it was always followed by a comment on (No games and DVD being a superior format).

whoelse4002d ago

It was called going with the crowd, but now the crowd is shifting to PRO BD.

Maddens Raiders4002d ago


The big story in computer games this year was HOW TO BLOW A HUGE LEAD, by Sony. Its PlayStation 2 was the champ in the last round of the console wars. This time Sony bet on a chip called the Cell and a disc format called Blu-ray. They're probably awesome, but how would anybody know? The PS3 is hideously expensive--it goes for up to $600--and Sony manufactured only a piddling few hundred thousand for the U.S., fewer for Japan. Plus it's hard to write games for; the launch titles were lame. You know you're in trouble when you get beat by something called a Wii...." --

Pretty wild, eh..? Playstion 2 part deux...? lol

Bubble Buddy4001d ago

yeah, we should bookmark stuff like this for when ps4 comes out. :p

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mighty_douche4002d ago

If you own a HDTV, then the PS3 is really a must have accessory.

Games, HD media, internet, HDD, playTV, etc etc, the competition simply cant compete....

MikeGdaGod4002d ago

now i want one for every hdtv in my house. i'm just waiting for another price drop and/or different colors.


oh, but wait. 360 does all that and more. you were saying? don't be a fanboy. to claim 360 is not "hd" compatible is just ridiculous.

grilledgorlupa84001d ago

and more? the 360 can play Blu-ray movies???


No need. It has a proper downloadable service. Downloads are the future. And like I already said, who needs Blew-ray when you can stream a torrent instead?

grilledgorlupa84001d ago

ok you tell yourself that as Blu-ray players become cheaper and cheaper combined with HD-TVs becoming cheaper and cheaper. I cant tell the future but I do think your underestimating how hot HD technology is right now.

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callahan094002d ago

I'm a big fan of my PS3. It provides me with more entertainment than my 360 and Wii combined. Between playing my favorite PSone and PS2 games, Blu-Ray movies, and the PS3 games I've enjoyed so far (I've actually enjoyed a lot more 360 games than PS3 games so far, but Uncharted, Warhawk, Eye of Judgment, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance have all been awesome fun for me)... I use my PS3 a whole lot.

King20084002d ago

Its a very sexy piece of equipment that even non gamers wouldnt mind having on their entertainment shelf. The games are gonna start coming every month...cant wait for MLB 08: The Show

meepmoopmeep4002d ago

i use my PS3 for everything from music to movies to gaming to online web browsing. it does everything related to multimedia and it looks like the features just keep on coming. very futureproof. Ken does it again.,

Gaara_7244002d ago

same here dammmm if only it would play rmvb video files (avi 175 mb rmvb 34 mb for the exact sme video audeo and quality)

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