RPG Vault: "Numen" Peek + Images, Video

In this IGN feature, Lead Designer Ales Ulm discusses class options and the effect of choosing a god to follow in Cinemax' upcoming action RPG.

"Numen, sometimes seen with Contest of Heroes added to the title, is an action RPG in development by Cinemax, a studio in the Czech capital of Prague. The name is a Latin noun. It refers to a divine spirit, particularly one residing in a specific object or location. In the context of the game, it seems to refer to the player character, who is the champion of a Greek god, although not immediately. Instead, you start as a child who trains to become a warrior, archer or magician before pledging allegiance to an Olympian; each archetype may choose among three.

You are tasked to recover a stolen artifact. However, you're not alone in this pursuit. It seems the nine gods don't trust each other, so each has sent a follower, creating a competition to see which will succeed. Not surprisingly, they're all willing to help their respective devotees by making available a number of useful talents and abilities. Even with these, the adventure will be challenging, fraught with formidable adversaries like medusas, cyclops, centaurs, minotaurs, Nubians and more. Indeed, there may be occasions where you must join forces with the other champions in order to progress with your common quest."

The feature includes four exclusive screenshots and an exclusive model composite.

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