Dusting Off the PlayStation Portable

Once upon a time, tech pundits predicted Sony's PlayStation Portable would be an "iPod killer" because of all its flashy features. But the PSP has suffered from a slightly unfortunate image among gamers and gadget lovers: It's the device that can do pretty much anything, from surfing the Web to playing games, but that actually seems to spend most of its time gathering dust.

As the PSP hits the third anniversary of its U.S. launch this month, Sony is cranking up the fight again. Updates to the operating software have introduced Internet radio stations, for example, and Sony recently made voice-over-Internet service Skype available on the device, meaning that users can make cheap or even free phone calls to anywhere in the world. Later this year Sony is rolling out a GPS service for the gadget.

But the biggest selling point may be coming this week, with a new game called God of War: Chains of Olympus. But Chains of Olympus is showing up at the beginning of a year when the PSP's fortunes have already seemed to be improving, if modestly.

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decapitator4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

My psp gets more play time from me than my Consoles does so I dont know what this author is talking about. People are just caught up in the notion that PSP have no games so they just quickly dismiss anything good that comes out for the system.

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Marceles4187d ago

Don't know about you, but mine has been shiny

TheMART4187d ago

Well he's right for some part for sure. I bought the white PSP just because of God of War and the Skype/GO!Messenger stuff. Besides running the homebrew etc.

Lets say the PSP isn't getting these major games so much, and the latest updates with internet radio, GO!Messenger & Skype added some nice extra's there. Although with homebrew a lot of stuff was extra already.

But well God of War... Will be fun on the PSP when I need a break from Gears of War, COD4, Bioshock, Burnout Paradise, and other games on my 360!

rofldings4187d ago

What will you do when God of War 3 comes out!

TheMART4187d ago

I think I'll be playing Gears 2 and Alan Wake for sure. And still the PSP in between. If the PS3 has hit 200 to 250 Euro it might be worth buying when God of War III rocks. But not at the price where it's now, with almost no exclusive great games on or over 90% average rating. When Little Big Planet comes to the PSP (which would be a smart move from Sony) there wouldn't be a real reason to buy a PS3 in my view.

Blademask4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Definitely Not:

Lost Odyssey
History channel: The Game
Front Lines
The Club
Conflict Denied Ops
Disc tron
Dark Messiah
Devil May Cry 4

I guess you are only replaying:

Halo 3
Forza Motorsport 2

Over and over? Because those are the only 360 exclusives that are over 90%. Sucks that you cant enjoy any other title, because you need them to all be over 90% and exclusive to enjoy a console. I mean, I can honestly see you just playing those over and over.. just to stick to your guns.

Completely moronic attitude man. You are 100% by design what everyone thinks of when they say "fanboy". No offense.

What is your gamertag?


with a 1205

You appear to spend more time on N4G. than you actually do playing. What a waste of everyones time even responding to you is. You aren't even a GAMER.


Christ have you even beat any "AAA" Games?!?!?! oh my god this is classic.

eagle214187d ago

I bought a DS on the debut day in America Nov. 2004. The media was saying it would fail harder than the gamecube. Well, I bought Mario 64 with it and did not touch it till fall 05' when Mario ds came out. I got a PSP fall 05' with crazy games, then after May 06' when New Super Mario Bros. came out, I was done with waiting. I have never looked back. My PSP was on in 3 days more than the whole first year I had my DS. The PSP games score way higher than most DS games and the multimedia rocks. I still love Nintendo handhelds/games so I am happy I help start the DS wave. The PSP is coming up in Japan and America now, so we shall see.

Nathaniel_Drake4187d ago

I am in the exact same boat as you were but the difference I have no PSP and I want one real bad

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The story is too old to be commented.