Has the PS4 Already won the Next-Gen Race?

Forget hardware stats. Forget price point. Forget RAM, controllers, marketing and fanboyism. All those things don’t matter on who is better or what console is worse. The race is already well in hand for Sony and its PS4 console.

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Just_The_Truth2062d ago

How about we wait until they announce the Xbox

classic2002062d ago

Or wait until they announce the blocking of used games and always online.

_-EDMIX-_2062d ago

PS3 has outsold the 360, with a higher price point and a year late.

MS had the least studios last gen, even less thisgen besides all the kinect studios they formed.

Sony owns MORE then what they did when they started this gen. Mind you GTA and FF and MGS going multiplat at this point mean nothing. They are just 3rd party games now.

Sorry, but MS is in some huge trouble, unless they go out and buy like 5 teams, they are in to lose next gen....again.

M2-2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

"PS3 has outsold the 360, with a higher price point and a year late."


"MS had the least studios last gen, even less thisgen besides all the kinect studios they formed."

MS have 21 first party studios which I think is more than they had last generation. Only 3 are dedicated Kinect studios (or have only released Kinect games to date).

Jek_Porkins2062d ago

Well I'll start by saying this, Microsoft improved from 24 million units sold with the original Xbox to over 76 million with the 360. They are headed towards first in North America, they have had the best selling console in NA 25 straight months.

They actually have 20 first party studios now, over the last 4 years they opened 5 new studios and bought Twisted Pixel.

Sony went from dominating every market and 150 million consoles sold to 74?

Just_The_Truth2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

How about we wait until they announce the Xbox. We have no clue when it's coming out and that whole theory is trash. The wii came out at the same time as the Ps3 but it sold the most. Their are too many unknown factors like price, games, features that we have no clue about to even assume the ps4s won. Don't get me wrong Ill only be owning the ps4 but let's be reasonable.

broli40002062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I'm guessing you didn't read my article then. It explains it out fairly clearly. Just to sum it up though... the first console out has been the one with the most games and the developers have been able to maximize the potential of the console quicker. That jump in content is what ultimately wins the console race.

Next time, read the article before you comment.

Since you edited your comment after the fact and apparently still haven't read my article, I go over the specific fact that we don't know when Microsoft is going to release their console yet. However, using the past as an indicator, the first one to release their console wins the race. If both release at the same time, then it will be up to other factors but content is king and always will be.

PSVita2062d ago

"Microsoft simply sold more consoles in the US because they released first."
Ok maybe that was the case in the US but how do you explain everywhere else were the Xbox released first and sold less? In order for the ps3 to have out sold the Xbox 360(which it has) when it released a year and a half later it would have needed to sell more year over year.

"We saw the same thing happen in the previous race where the PS2 was out before the Xbox was and destroyed it in terms of sales regardless of not being as powerful of a console."

You know the dreamcast came out nearly 2 years before the ps2 but failed badly the head start didn't work out to well for them now did it. Also the wii came out a year after the Xbox but out sold in the US.

If you wanted to write an actually decent article you should have written about factors like ads, popularity and society have a huge influence on why consoles sell well instead of this illogical theory.

Bumpmapping2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Kinect 2.0?

Yep Kinect is so original Move as you say is just a "gimmick"... I am all for borrowing ideas and improving them but you make it sound like that Sony is the only one to borrow ideas of its competitors.

broli40002062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

You know, I'm interested in the kinect2.0 if it has the holodeck-esque room enhancements that have been speculated. I personally think that motion controls are a gimmick and really only see the kinect's visual recognition as more of a luxury aftermarket purchase, but it looks like they are going in the right direction with it.

Sony's Move controllers are absolutely just a gimmick that they've essentially stolen from the Wii. I'll be interested in this generation if they are able to use it for anything more than they did this last generation.

This comment system is weird. @KUV1977 - The Wii released in 2006, but who knows how long they were working on functionality before then. Ultimately, it only matters what was released, not what was worked on because we'll never know the real deal.

KUV19772062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Wii released in 2006. The following is a video showing SONY working on MOVE-like tech in 2001.

It's okay to bitch around and say x stole from y but get the order right!

EDIT: And yet you claim it was stolen by SONY from Nintendo. I think 5 years in advancement and bringing out EyeToy way before the Wii at least strongly suggests that SONY was the one working with stuff like that first. They may have had terrible marketing so that EyeToy never took of and they may thus have made the 'bad' decision of bringing out MOVE that late, but calling them tech-thiefs seems a bit weired giving the circumstances.
By the way, similar footage exists of SONY working with IR-depth-cameras with the same company that MS later used to build Kinect. SONY may make bad decisions (business- and marketing-wise) but saying they do 'nothing but steal', which is a widely accepted prejudice, is just plain wrong.

Proeliator2062d ago

Really, really good article. Sony is putting up a fair fight this gen.

rapidturtle2062d ago

Microsoft is gong to need some exclusive titles. They can't keep hanging their hats on Halo and Gears. They are also going to have to rethink charging for online play. I just can't see them ripping off online players for another generation.

broli40002062d ago

Yeah, I'm with you and I think they will get more exclusives. I don't think we'll see any console get too many exclusives at launch just because of the nature of the business, but exclusives are going to be a huge reason for a console doing well.

hazardman2062d ago

I'm buying a PS4 and you can bet your ass its to play my main titles Killzone, God of War, Uncharted, GT6, MLB the Show, Super Stardust.

I like more of sonys other games but the same ones I've been playing all these years are the same ones I upgrade consoles for! Seeing what your favorite games will look like with the new technology is what does for me!

Sony no doubt got everyones attention! And I think that the nextbox will impress as well. Only time will tell!

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