Sony: In-game communication, firmware 2.4 coming in Summer

Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer, firmware update 2.4 and the strongest line-up of games through our third party partners and our own studios. I'd personally like to thank our trade and business partners for helping us on the start of the PS3 journey says Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire

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mighty_douche4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Summer it is then guy's. MGS and in-game XMB.... happy days!

Time Lord4188d ago

and maybe even going to be great summer for us PS3 owners

Cwalat4187d ago

June 12, the day after i finish my examen, Swedish word for graduate.
No more school, 100% on job and earning some real money. Then after One year i'll begin studiying art and visual art, digital art.

June 12, the day MGS4 comes Out. Earlier in May, Haze, even Earlier in April 29, GTA4.

September, after hard sommer work, Killzone 2, Resistance 2,
Omg Happy Days indeed.

Exhaust4187d ago

Setting up games of COD4 with the phone is painfully inconvenient.

Disagree me all you want. Sony is hurting the PS3 taking so long for this basic feature. Should have been here on day one.


Qbanboi4187d ago

Who else think that they are going to put this update on the MGS4. But, i mean, the kinda that says "Hey, you want In-game XMB a week earlier? Buy MGS4" And If a week earlier of in-game XMB is the little push for those who aren't sure if buying MGS4 on firstday, they may buy the game first day.

^^ I know i sounds stupid. And Sony probrably wont do that. But Marketing is marketing.

sonarus4187d ago

i am hoping in game xmb comes before the summer

cLiCK_sLiCK94187d ago

So i guess gamesblow was right? He did say to look foward to in-game XMB this week.....
He never said it was going to be ready to download.
I dont know..i thinking he knows alot of more stuff we dont know...

xsteinbachx4187d ago

yah ingame xmb would be nice, but you know i really don't care to much.. .. i'll just keep playing my games.

travelguy2k4187d ago

about in game XMB, only in game communication. and of course it will be in the MGS$ game disk. They would not release a game and then KNOWINGLY need to patch it within one week of release. Who do you think they ;>

Stubacca4187d ago

The PS3 is the greatest console on the market. The King Of Consoles. The wii is for kids, the X-box for idiots. And it pains me that the PS3 lacks the key feature of in-game XMB.

I wanna play my own tunes and message my buds at any time Mr Sony. Grant my wish as soon as possible and I'll spend more money on your games!


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name4188d ago

Is it really that complicated of a feature? I think they're holding off in game communication until home's arrival. They've added features way more complicated than in game XMB in past updates.

mighty_douche4188d ago

it is rather complicated as you need to reduce the over all OS foot-print to allow a set amount of memory dedicated to the XMB. Thats actually a very large undertaking.

But i agree they might be saving it for HOME, as that way it seems like a larger update for the Playstation in general...

rawd4187d ago

And you know this because you are a Sony XMB developer?

Slayer OP4187d ago

He is probably a computer whiz.

RJ20004187d ago

TO 2.1:

Being a computer science major, I believe he is basically saying that they have to dig into the serious hardware issues before they can get the XMB working properly. Either way if they have to change how the hardware works they have to test near a million things to make sure it doesn't change things for the developers or even worse brick systems!

Exhaust4187d ago

If obvious Sony never considered universal in game voice chat during development. Like Douche said its an OS foot print issue. If the feature was built in from the ground floor it wouldn't be a problem but since its being tacked on its very complicated.

Even with the 360 having it on launch day a year before the PS3 came out Sony was asleep at the wheel.

I'm not a Sony hater just stating the obvious. Should have been there on day one.

To see a game like COD4 tell you to "exit out of COD4 to add friends from XMB" on the invite screen... That's sad.

Kleptic4187d ago

The original OS had nearly 70megs dedicated to the friends list, with another 30megs or so goin to the rest of the OS...althought i can't find the article that I read that would make sense though...Ted Price commented on how the original dev kits for the PS3 that they worked on were using over 100megs for the OS during actual gameplay...but that Sony had been reducing that significantly immediately after the system launched...rumors now suggest that the PSEdge toolset upgrade/update (which was free) has the OS optimized down to under 50megs now (compared the the 360's 32)...

In either case...It is probably safe to assume that the in game messaging, at least, was originally there...but following the early negative feedback SCE recieved regarding the OS footprint...they very likely could have had to drop it for a while...and ever since have been figuring out a way to get the same functionality, with a quarter of the memory requirements...

it would have been easier for SCE and all developers had the PSN been completely unified from the beginning...meaning there was a protocol that developers had to follow to make all networking features identical...which is what MS requires with XBL...after this update the PSN will be fully unified...but it is definitely a lot more work for them to be fixing this now, than if it would have been this way before the very first game even started development...

vhero4187d ago

dont have to be a tech to know what hes talking about the last thing you need is for them to mess it up and it brick your console like MS have done with so many of thier updates.

moparful994187d ago

Exhaust shut up dude, you sound like a little baby... Do you know whats sad? A console that the maker knew was broken on release but released it anyway. Sony's method of launching the console and adding features that they can test properly and make sure they wont affect the operation of the system is a good idea.. People are too [email protected] impatient.. I want what I want and I want it right now! Why can people sit on their hands and chill. I only care about being able to talk to people that im playing a game with... I could care less about not being able to view text messages, I'm playing a game if I wanted to talk to my friends I wouldnt be in a game........

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akaFullMetal4188d ago

wow, just great, this summer is going to be really special for us ps3 owners

rofldings4188d ago

So there's a strong possibility home will come with this update..?

Andronix4188d ago

A massive Firmware update that delivers HOME and in-game XMB would be amazing. But, he mentions Firmware update 2.4. We are currently on Firmware 2.1. which possibly means 2 more minor firmware updates?

paul_war4188d ago

Obviously I was wanting this sooner, but as long as it works, I'll wait.