Rare-Elite Relaunches

We are contacting you to inform you that Rare-Elite-- just relaunched with a brand new layout and design last night! Here are a few details...

-Embracing a unique and unmatched blog design like no other, Rare-Elite combines the likes of its new blog format with an incredibly massive and ever growing wiki known as the Rare Fandabase-- .Our goal with this new format is to breathe fresh life into an otherwise stale site and offer more news, more content, and more exclusives than ever before.

-The design was developed by Mario Paiano–better known as Lupaie–, a professional mediadesigner who joined Rare-Elite late last year as a member of the forums-- was chosen to create the new design based on his unique and creative work on past projects. As a long-time, dedicated fan of Rare, it was Mario's goal to establish an unforgettable design that Rare themselves would be pleased with for all their years of developing incredible games.

Hope you enjoy!

Best regards,

Hylian1- Founder/Webmaster of Rare-Elite & Undercover Agent Klungo's lab assistant

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TrevorPhillips4191d ago

make sure to visit our site

mighty_douche4191d ago

I cant quite tell if this is news or an advertisement?

t-0_ot-4191d ago

"after long hard days of working on Banjo 360." wOOtWooT