PSP Has Terrible Marketing; New God Of War Proves It

While the PS3 has those glitzy, so many things are happening at once that you don't know what's going on, commercials, the PSPs commercials are usually relegated to some guy taking pictures with it, or a pervert looking over somebody's shoulder and offering gaming advice, which CinemaBlend Games think is a darn shame.

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name4188d ago

The "dude get your own" commercials make me wanna flush my PSP down the toilet.

mikeslemonade4187d ago

Yesterday I just realized God of War PSP is coming out in 2 days and I always am avidly reading gaming news and watching TV for game commercials, so that just shows how terrible the marketing is. I kept thinking the game wasn't going to come out for another month or two.

Cwalat4187d ago

This isn't oldtimes, this is worse...
I just dont get it ?!
What is the holdup ? why aren't you spamming the TV's with Commercials and PSP ads, here in Sweden and all over Europe its empty, dead.

rogimusprime4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

if Gwen Stefani is your avatar then you don't deserve to be playing PSP anyway. Why don't you go flush yourself down the toilet?

oh wait, I'm not contributing.

Yeah the market sucks, but what else is new? That doesn't stop it from selling well. Have you ever seen a decent coke commercial?

mighty_douche4188d ago

Sonys marketting as a whole has been quite weak lately, but their obviously trying to change that.

Still, i believe a good game should speak for itself, you dont need to stick it on a Happy Meal to sell it.

Iamback4188d ago

God of war games do not need marketing

THE_JUDGE4187d ago

lives, commercials for everything even GOW are quite necessary. They are a visual reminder even to those who already know when its coming out.

Relcom4188d ago

Black screen with the words God of War and the release date.

Thats it

Darkiewonder4188d ago

this article won't make much sense except for Patapon which only gotten a Japan Treatment.

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The story is too old to be commented.