PSN March Savings: Get $10 For Every $50 Spent

Starting February 26 and throughout the month of March, we’ll be offering you the chance to get $10 back for EVERY $50 you spend using your SEN Wallet! This means that if you spent $100 you’d receive $20 back at the end in April. Everything from games, movies and TV shows — anything that accepts SEN Wallet funds — is fair game. If you were thinking of subscribing to PlayStation Plus, now’s a great time to do it. Grab the 1-year membership for $49.99 to get the most of your PSN experience, plus a little extra cash back.

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Sharius3136d ago

already aim for tomb raider and god of war this month

Roper3163136d ago

that is great! It's nice when companies give back to the customers who spend money & support them.

FunAndGun3136d ago

damn, 15 months of Plus for $40 is definitely in my future!

despair3135d ago

renewed ps+ 2 days ago :(

Godchild10203135d ago

Contact Sony and they might expand the offer to you. They have done it in the past.

despair3135d ago

nah, its no big deal I will probably spend 50 bucks for march anyways. Just sucked a little.