Gametrailers TV fails to provide organized, accurate content

"Gametrailers TV" is a bad show on a road paved with good intentions. While it attempts to encapsulate relevant gaming news and analysis into a half-hour segment, it fails on both counts. The latest from the Spike network, "Gametrailers TV" is meant to offer a new way to "tap into the gaming culture." Unfortunately, the breakneck pacing and unfocused format are likely to leave viewers reeling.

While commentary comes from generally respectable sources, some appear uninformed about certain subjects. Shane Satterfield, editor-in-chief of, is particularly noteworthy.

Meanwhile, the show's featured previews are essentially ads.

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the first show and never watch the show again. I watch xplay wich is way better

Iamback4188d ago

Dude X-play is even worse.

Iamback4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Staff at GameTrailers is complete joke. Geoff Keighley is the most insecure host i have ever seen, his body language is ridiculous. The way he swings with his hands when asking question, like bird or something, and then put hands together and starts playing with his fingers like a child with trauma. Watch latest episode of bonus round, look at his body language and compare it to his 3 guests....its ridiculous. Someone should talk to him.
Also in recent video interview with David Jaffe at one point Jaffe says something like "Is there something more interesting over there?!", basically asking Geoff why is he looking over "there" instead looking Jaffe in eyes, face or whatever when they are talking. Guy is so insecure that he can't have eye contact when talking face to face with folks.
When it comes to Shane comment. Just one more guy that thinks he should be important because you know he has an "opinion".


I think is good plus is live everynight wich is good

kornbeaner4188d ago

The thing with TV is everybody is a fanboy of some sort. from "REAL" TV to gamer TV. A lot of these people have their own agenda and I think the end production speak to that account. but just like anything else in the media, take it as an opinion and NOT fact and conclude your own conclusion based on what you hear or see.

Chubear4188d ago

but hey they... erm, no, I have no excuse for why it sucks, sorry :(

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The story is too old to be commented.