WorthPlaying Preview - Fracture

Reshape the battlefield - and the fate - of a broken nation in Fracture, Pacifica and the Atlantic Alliance, boast soldiers with powers beyond those of ordinary men. The differing states of superhumanity result in balanced yet stylistically different combat tactics that have never been seen before.

In the world of Fracture , genetic engineering has come to the forefront of science, and human beings have begun to manipulate their own DNA in order to become better, faster and stronger. This doesn't sit well with everyone, however, as a whole faction of the country's populace views such acts as an affront to God and proof that mankind has followed the laws of science too far. Unfortunately, the differences cannot be resolved, and the United States has plunged into a second civil war. The player's goal, as a genetically enhanced super-soldier, is to fight through enemy resistance and end the war once and for all.

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