New Valkyrie Chronicles Screenshots

Dengeki have released eight new screenshots of Valkyrie Chronicles, Sega's PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG. The title is scheduled for release in Japan on April 24, 2008.

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mullet4003d ago

I'm glad they confirmed a US release for it.

It's looking great so far and I need more tactical JRPG's for my PS3.

Brixxer6004003d ago

This is the first time i've seen anything about this game but i just watched a couple of movies on it and it looks amazing, i really like the style that they've used, you say it's confirmed for USA, any idea about UK ?, if not then this will be a definite import for me.

mighty_douche4003d ago

I believe it was confirmed for both US and EU. But like you said, worse case, you can always import (which will even be cheaper than buying in the UK).

Thank god for region free!

meepmoopmeep4003d ago

very, very nice. i hope it makes its way over here (NA)

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