VC-1/H.264 Streaming Coming to the Xbox 360

Someone in the Microsoft Vista Media Center team has reported that the XBOX 360 will be able to playback VC-1 video soon:

"Yep - we're enabling VC-1 streaming to Xbox 360; it's turned off in the build you have now, but it will be turned on for release."

This mean that VC-1 codec is probably already included in the XBOX360. It probably made it's way in the console during one of the latest Dashboard update. Could H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec be also already included in the console? VC-1 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC are both mandatory for hd-dvd/blue-ray... so if the hd-dvd drive is available at the end of November (according to EB-Games ) then both video format should be playable on the XBOX 360 at that time.

Let hope that Microsoft will allow streaming of both format to the 360 extender when Vista is released.

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THAMMER16397d ago

I hate downlading a 5 min. trailor when it could just stream and save time.

shotty6397d ago

So the xbox 360 is pandoras box. Noone knows whats in it. I think microsoft has discovered magic.

bizzy126397d ago

thats cool so sony dont still its features

THAMMER16397d ago

I feel where you are coming from but what your post will do is trigger a flame war due to the level of security and maturity of the fan boys.

And we have no idea if the PS3 can do this or not.

BIadestarX6397d ago

I don't think bizzy12 is denying that Sony can't do this. Though it may not be able to... since blu-ray only supports MPEG-2 (common fact). So, it may be able to stream; but not in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec; it may not need to used optimized codec due to blu-ray extra space + cell. Anyways, what bizzy12 is saying is that it is a good thing that M$ is keeping things quiet, since it is common practice for competitors to copy/clone or even make better certain features. Also, for marketting strategical resons, it is always good to allow your competitors to advertise their strong points (i.e. 1080p) and later say, "we do too".

dantesparda6397d ago

Umm, smartguy, they already got VC-1 Blu-ray Discs out now. Learn the facts before you talk

nstott6397d ago

If they allow the hd-dvd drive to hook up to your media center pc, than you can stream hd-dvd content to any 360 in your house. Sweet. Also streaming blu-ray content to your 360 would also be possible. Nice.

calderra6397d ago

Not to mention Microsoft may release a BluRay external if necessary. Or, since combo drives are in the works, there might be an HD-Blu combo drive in the future.

Steam anything to anywhere anytime!

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