The PS4 Will Kill the Influence of Reviews

" writes-- So what does this potentially mean for reviewers? It’s simple really; its common practice nowadays for reviews to unfairly bash a game,(certain exclusives anyone?) using all sorts of double standards, and the exact opposite scenario is just as prevalent. But being able watch and play the game first hand will cut through all the BS biases that we get from our current gaming media, after all “seeing is believing”. A lot will depend on the ecosystem that Sony will have to create in order to sustain a thriving community where real gamers will do the recommendation of games you might like and let you try them, as opposed to some reviewer with an agenda trying to convince you why this is the worst or best game ever made. Thus changing the power structure we currently see in play."

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Sandmano3569d ago

Dont care for reviewers unless theres a general disdain from critics and gamers alike, thats the only way I will be swayed by them...

MooseWI3569d ago

With the general public maybe.

r213569d ago

Huh, didnt think of that. With the PS4, I could just watch someone's livestream or ask if i could play for a while then buy a game base on that. Essentially, making demos redundant. And here i thought, the PS4 could not get more enticing :D

Mr_cheese3569d ago

Your right! there are so many possibilities we haven't thought about and so many more that haven't been released yet.

elm3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I think Sony said all games will have trial versions, try before you buy via Gaikai. Only pay for what you like! so said Mr Perry anyway.

r213569d ago

They said that? I must have missed it. Sony is just pulling all the right moves to make us buy a ps4, arent they?

FamilyGuy3569d ago

He forgot to mention sony's try before you buy approach that exist now (for PS+ subscribers) but was also mentioned in the conference.

They plan on having every PS4 game on the store and allowing us to try them out, like PS+s 1 hour game trial, before we make a final decision about buying them

I also didn't think about this in regards to the influence of reviews, This article was very insightful compared to most of the other articles that have popped up since the conference was held.

NateCole3569d ago

Now that i think of it. Yes. Great insight.

I think it will limit the power of reviewers and put more power to devs and gamers which is always a great thing.

No there will be a bigger chance of great devs getting reward for their efforts and not getting cheated because of biased reviews.

Also those devs/publishers with little marketing capability will greatly benefit from this feature with the PS4.

000013569d ago

well its going to add complete transparency for gamers and game developers. you can advertise and hype a game all you want, but when i can sit and watch someone play it or try it out for myself. im no longer as reliant on reviews or even friends opinions.

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The story is too old to be commented.