GamesIndustry.Biz: Brick by Brick - Interview Mark Hansen director of business development for the Lego Group

Games Industry.Biz writes: Lego Star Wars has been a massive success in the videogame market, but the Danish toy manufacturer has been making other serious moves in the interactive space since 1999. Not only has offered hundreds of games since it was launched over ten year's ago, but the company has also released Lego Digital Designer, a free tool allowing users to create and build online using digital bricks.

It's this computer-aided design project that has eventually grown to become Lego Universe, the massively multiplayer online game being developed by Lego and North American studio NetDevil. Here, Lego's director of business development Mark Hansen discusses combining the physical with the virtual to create what could be one of the most intriguing and unique approaches to the MMO market.

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