Major Nelson: "HD-DVD Lost, Doesn't Mean Blu-Ray Won"

"One important thing to think about is... ok, HD-DVD lost... that doesn't mean Blu-ray won."

Among many headliners in this week's Major Nelson podcast.

This week's show:
We discuss GDC
Interview: Boris Schneider-Johne, Xbox Germany (17:48–51:55)
Interview: Tim Innes, Capcom (Rocketmen : Axis of Evil) (51:57 – 01:05:21)
Interview: Chris Satchell, XNA and GDC (01:05:23–01:34:00)
We say goodbye to our friend HD DVD
Name the game and more...

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pwnsause4003d ago

Nice spin. but it doesnt work in the real world we live in. keep living in fantasy land.

PumPum4003d ago

what a sad attempt major nelson.....pathetic.

ruibing4003d ago

So I guess he thinks that just because the Nazis lost doesn't mean the Allies won. I suppose in a way because they still had to rebuild everything the bad guys destroyed, but they won. The winners write the history books, and its pretty much well established that Blu Ray won. A pretty fitting analogy I believe.

When I go to a BB and look in their entertainment department, the people there never say "well maybe you want to choose between Blu Ray and DLC", it's just Blu Ray.

BrianC62344003d ago

Major Nelson is just another numbskull in the Xbot Army. What a maroon. Does anyone really care what he thinks? I sure don't. He's just mad he's stuck with a piece of crap HD DVD add-on for his Xbox 1.5 and wasted money on HD DVD movies. Maybe he can autograph his discs and sell them all to Xbots.

Ri0tSquad4003d ago

Haha. Major Nelson sounds like a sore loser. He's always biased and when he has something to say about the PS3 its nothing intelligent or worth listening to. I never liked him, even when I didn't have my PS3 and I was a 360 owner.

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venum4003d ago

Does somebody tell him the truth about Santa???

Blu-ray Won.

ruibing4003d ago

I'm sure he'll be singing a completely different tune if the 360 ever gets a Blu Ray add-on. Sour grapes never taste so good.

ddcab4003d ago

Why does Major act like DLC is a console exclusive to Microsoft. Last time I checked the 360 and the PS3 could have download content. Now with blu-ray the victor in the format war, Playstation fans will have the best of both worlds. 2 words = future proof

Danja4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

This prick is such a suck up.....Major Nelson heres some words of advice "Red is Dead ,do Blu" I bet Nelson has a Blu Ray player in house.

Blu Ray FTMW..!! so when is Transformers coming to the Blu ohh forgot Blu hasn't won..

crunchie1014003d ago

He did say on the podcast that he has a PS3

gamesblow4003d ago

What a paid Spooner... It must suck waking up every morning knowing your whole life is dependant on the dollar you earn. What a way to live. Blindness only goes so far, even the blind have intuition... this smack is just absurd.

Snukadaman4003d ago

the blind calling the blind...hey he gets paid too be a ms mouthpiece..cant say the same huh....

gamesblow4003d ago

I think your bib's tied on too tight.. Might want you mom to check that out for ya.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4003d ago

You know over there? in that big long line, where the others are waiting for games. You jumped in the wrong line sir, this line is for gamers ready to pick up games. You need to take a ticket and wait your turn, your ticket number is 1,029,885. This line doesn't need tickets because it's the Xbox line, and it keeps moving. Sorry for the inconvenience, please step aside your blocking the Xbox gamers.

bootsielon4003d ago

Jason even had to bother to give a long reply to you. Very telling.

zapass4003d ago

"oh hi, I'm calling to report a severe case of xbot depression that needs an intervention ASAP. The name is Jason and he sometimes even appends 360 to it (told ya, it's SEVERE). Anyway, hurry up cuz the desperation is total and the denial is now pathological."

InYourMom4003d ago

"Jason even had to bother to give a long reply to you. Very telling."

Not more telling than a lonely nerd who has to make an Xbot account to try and be funny. But I guess when you have all that extra time you do stupid things.

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