Eurogamer: Sins of a Solar Empire Review

Eurogamer writes: "The bits where you order a fleet of a hundred or so cruisers, frigates and capital ships to line up in an epic formation at the edge of a solar system, and jump simultaneously to a neighbouring solar system? Where dozens of portals open up, and your vessels accelerate through them trailing hyperbright lights? Wicked. When you get a mob of Siege Frigates in orbit above a populated world and giggle as the planet's surface blossoms in what you have to presume to be nuclear detonations? Awesome. And when an enemy fleet appears in your solar system, and a dozen fighter and bomber wings take off, closing the distance to the incoming ships while your big boys ponderously manouevre to join in? Hell yeah!

It's worthwhile to take a little time out to be shallow, because there's going to be precious little opportunity for that as we go on. Sins of a Solar Empire - is a space-strategy epic whose stately games stretch out as large as the canvas of space itself. With such an epic game, so rich in mechanisms and with flashes of genuine innovation, how well it puts you in the enormous metal boots of a space conquerer can be overlooked in a rush to just get the fact downs."

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mariusmal4185d ago

i can't get sick of this wonderful game.