Analyst: Pricey Games to Fuel '07 Growth

Another analyst has forecasted promising software sales figures for the month of September, adding that higher next generation software price tags could drive double-digit growth in 2007.

Colin Sebastian with Lazard Capital Markets said in a note to investors today, "…In our opinion, there is additional upside in [videogame] shares with accelerating 15-20 percent industry growth in 2007 driven by an increasing mix of premium-priced next generation software and increasing visibility for new cycle revenue and earnings growth."

The majority of third party Xbox 360 titles retail for $59.99, while first party titles go for $49.99. Third party PS3 software is expected to follow the $59.99 price point, but Sony has yet to officially confirm the prices of first and third party titles. Nintendo, however, recently confirmed that first party Wii titles would retail for $49.99.

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