How to Make a Movie-Based Game not Suck - The Bourne Conspiracy

Gameplayer has an in-depth hands-on feature of The Bourne Conspiracy which tackles the bizarre camera functionality, and unique combat system. It also talks about the story and how it will broaden the Bourne mythology. But although they express some concerns about the final product, they explain why it is the way devs should be making movie-based games.

"We're not sold on this methodology yet: we had fun in the 40-odd minutes we played through, but will it work over the full 8hr experience without getting stale?"

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SlappingOysters4190d ago

The idea sounds pretty cool, but the whole restriction in what you can do sounds pretty outdated to me.. like three generations out-dated.

Dark_Overlord4189d ago

and not the movies, ie like the punisher (which was an amazing game)

SlappingOysters4189d ago

calling it the 3rd shelf, as in the books, the movies and then the games will be three separate visions of the character.

But it seems like they are trying to make it look and play like the movies.