MHT: Sony picks Vivox for voice tech in online gaming

Mass High Tech writes: One of the attractions of online games and virtual worlds is the ability to create a character that looks nothing like the player sitting at the keyboard. But as voice communications becomes a greater part of such worlds, it poses a problem: Would anyone believe a 600-pound, computer-generated minotaur that sounds like a 14-year-old going through puberty?

Framingham voice application developer Vivox Inc. has built a solution, and last week landed its biggest customer yet in Sony Online Entertainment LLC, the California-based maker of EverQuest and other online games. The deal puts Vivox at the center of Sony Online's audio overhaul and has the company looking toward new industries, such as virtual worlds for enterprises.

"This is a very significant deal for us," said Monty Sharma, co-founder and vice president of product management for Vivox. "Right off the bat, they are going to include it in all of their games."

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Bill Gates4192d ago

Another gold nugget in the bag for Sony, and another shiet stained rock for the BABOONS.....AAHAHHAHAHAH

Danja4192d ago

LMAO....damn Bill if only ur were this charismatic in person the 360 would be in a better state...

ruibing4192d ago

That's actually pretty cool. I hope we'll see this in the agency.

Cyrus3654192d ago

Pretty much a a given it seems, that they'll be adding it to all SOE games...considering the co-founder comments of "Right off the bat, they are going to include it in all of their games."

MikeGdaGod4192d ago

this is similiar to what is already possible in voice chat

spandexxking4192d ago

are these the same people that make everyone on warhawk sound like their farting?