Gamertell Preview: Final Fantasy IV

From the preview:

"If you choose to view Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS as just another port, then you'd be gravely mistaken. Rather than just altering a few things, adding some goodies and slapping the game on a new system, Square Enix has taken its time and remade one of the best games in the series. If a list would be made tomorrow of the best DS games released in Japan, FFIV would be in the top five. This is the best RPG available for the system, and I can't wait for the announcement that it will be released in English."

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ItsDubC4190d ago

SquEnix, release this in NA and take my money already. I'm so ready to play this.

PS360WII4190d ago

Oh yes I fully agree with that statement!

KeiZka4190d ago

Looks like I got a reason to buy that DSlite finally. Good, good...

destroyah4190d ago

Oh god PLEASE release this in the US.

meepmoopmeep4190d ago

please please please release this in english over here