Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Preview at

From Ophelea: "The last time I played or viewed Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures for any length of time was last summer. This isn't to say I haven't seen it at all since then, just not in depth. There was a press event in early December I was unable to attend; I was feeling unwell and missed my appointment at CES. If you have read my earlier previews, you may know that I was lukewarm about the game - it is very ambitious and I did not feel it could deliver what it promised by launch. Since that time, launch has been moved back twice; this is a good thing. And, I can say with all honesty I am glad I did not see the December or January showings; to have seen incremental changes in the game would have diminished the impact of the changes I viewed at GDC. Though no MMOG is ever finished, this game has come a long way since last July and I am much more confident that it will ship in a playable - and enjoyable - state."

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