Terra Soft joins the Cell supercomputer bandwagon

Roadrunner, [email protected], BladeCenter, and now "E. Coli" and "Amoeba." These two are the codenames for the test and production versions of Terra Soft's latest project, a supercomputer cluster that runs off the Cell processor. And apparently, this will be the first operational Cell supercomputer cluster - a network of processors that should deliver the high-speed, heavy-load processing capabilities of a comparable supercomputer.

Terra Soft will begin work on this tomorrow, according to HPC Wire. They were initially contacted by Sony for this project way back in spring, and the company has remodeled part of their Loveland, CO. headquarters to house 2,400 connected processing systems. The supercomputing cluster will run on the Cell Broadband Engine and Linux OS, and will be comprised, in part, of PS3 systems.

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Bebedora5896d ago

Ok, now I know it will be a linux OS for the Cell (PS3 compatible). Now I have to stock a pile of PS3s and cluster them with help of the beowulf software(?) Then I can play gridwars (a geometry wars clone). :D If it had not mentioned linux OS, it would off topic as PS3 related.

Certainly not gaming related. Still an interesting find.

peksi5896d ago

Seeing this you could say PS3 is a computer? At least it's one hell of a bargain since you wont get any Cell computer for that price.

Maddens Raiders5896d ago

Looks Like the PS3 has a little more under the hood than the average bear is aware of -(and is ridiculously cheaper than buying a conventional Cell based computer. Great article. I'm gonna use it [PS3]to convert my home into one of those automated "smart homes." LOL