PSX Extreme: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Review

PSX Extreme writes: Capcom is full of surprises. They're the one publisher who's got the most controversial track record. First they sign a contract to exclusively publish Resident Evil games on the Nintendo GameCube. Years later, they decide to port Resident Evil 4 onto the PlayStation 2. Last year, they announced that Devil May Cry 4 would no longer be a PlayStation exclusive, but will also arrive for the Xbox 360. And now, most recently, Capcom took an Xbox 360 exclusive and made it a PlayStation 3 title, as well. That game is Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. But unlike RE4 and DMC4, Lost Planet isn't a game to care about.

Unfortunately, Lost Planet isn't the best looking game, in my book. It features more than a fair share of iffy textures, as walls and even the surface of snow don't boast as many details as I'd have expected. Considering that Lost Planet runs on a graphics engine that was complete about two years ago, some visual enhancements over the Xbox 360 version would've been nice. And comparing both games side to side doesn't make much obvious - both games look about the same, with the only difference being color.

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Danja4190d ago

seriously this game needs no review...just go read the year old reviews nothing hasn't whats there to explain...."this was a Crappy game that some how became a Crappier port"...this what the reviewer should have said....