Wii Live's Guitar Hero III Tournament

From Wii Live....

"Wii Live member Bionet and I have been working together on planning a Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock tournament and it's time to finally announce it. Sign-ups start now and you can sign up by posting in this thread on the Wii Live Forums. Only ten people can sign up, so hurry up and sign up if you want to participate! The first ten will be selected to be in the tournament, but if someone drops out, the next person will be added into the tournament, so sign up even if there are already ten slots. Either way, sign-ups will end on March 30th.

What's the prize? Well, you get a pretty cool looking signature made by Bionet and a special rank on the Wii Live Forums known as "Champion" that has more abilities than the normal member. Sign up soon! I look forward to playing all of you."

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