Konami Clears Up MGS4 Facts, Details Beta Pre-order Program

When word broke that Metal Gear Solid 4 was shipping this summer at the Destination PlayStation retailer conference, official word from Sony was simply "late Q2 2008", but we knew it was actually hitting June 12. Konami makes that date official today, hyping up the Metal Gear Online starter pack and giving solid info on the beta program open to those who pre-order MGS4.
According to the release, the pre-sell program kicks off in April. Those who put down some cash early will walk away with the Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD, a disc that should get Metal Gear noobs up to speed with a history-recapping prologue and a collection of trailers for MGS4. A Metal Gear Online beta key will be contained within the pre-order package, so make sure you don't get mugged on the way out of your local GameStop.

For the full details, continue on to the press release.

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pharmd4191d ago

i cannot wait, this news makes me giddy as a schoolgirl

sonarus4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

The term "beta available while supplies last" frightens me terribly. I am scared to pre order early as i won't get in the beta and i am scared to wait to pre order or i wnt get in. I think konami is doing a very poor job of handling this pre order thing. They should just let everyone who pre orders get into the beta whats all this supplies last crap

pharmd4191d ago

yeah i see what you mean, i preordered this in december!! are they expecting me to cancel my preorder just to preorder it again? since i already showed my loyalty i'd love it if they rewarded it but dont get me wrong, im gonna do what i have to do to try to make it happen

cr33ping_death4191d ago

well guys i went to ask about this and at gamestop the dude told me to call in every week to ask if they got the discs....... they will get enough to cover the pre orders so he told me....... ill go ask again this week with the new info about the discs arriving in april and if it only applies to new pre orders.

sonarus4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

yea i think i will do that too. I don't think i can survive not being in that beta. I wish i had never heard of it:(. But i am very glad they are doing the beta. I ordered PES 2008 from japan and the online on the game was a complete failure. A beta test makes me feel a lot more confident for the game. Since Japan broadband is a lot faster than here they probably need to optimize the online code differently for both regions

Area_514191d ago

what is stoping GS employes from hooking there friends up? I had this game on pre order for 8 months now. I think they should hook up the people that been on the pre order first. your right I dont like this i got this bad feeling that i will get screwed out of my copy. and what is up with april, april what I know my GS gets pissy when i call there to see when or if a certain game is in.....I got a bad feeling about this

pharmd4190d ago

ok who's the toolbag that went through and purposely disagreed with everyone and probly took their bubbles? show urself

sonarus4190d ago

obviously sum1 that knows he will have to work extra hours to buy a ps3 lol just like krazy ken said

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Rhezin4191d ago

just let me tell ya bout..this f!ckin day I'm having.. jus let me tell ya bout this motha f!ckin day I'm havin

Lanontscuz4190d ago

well April 1st ill be kicking Gamestops Front door thats for sure !!!April Fools Muthas heres my $5.00 give me my

HeartlesskizZ4190d ago

So the beta thingy only takes effect if you pre-order it on april...what about earlier? O JESUS im going tomorrow morning to get my money back

Korosuke4190d ago

I don't think so. Konami has already started to distribute beta code without pre-order thing.

HeartlesskizZ4190d ago

I check this site everyday which is where they started the BETA codes sign ups but when I check I could not click on the option WHEN CAN I PLAY which gives you the info and beta code for it.... is not highlighted anymore so I hope they do have more codes to give out


Korosuke4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

You didn't check my PM, right?
and we both got disagree by somebody...

HeartlesskizZ4190d ago

I dont know what bloody idiot is disagreeing but whatever...

I did got your PM but I honestly had no idea what you meant =D it to much to ask if you could PM me again and keep things clear-er! =D Ill be happy to read it =P

Korosuke4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

I shame on my broken English...orz

anyway, If you choose Japanese at the top pgae, you can click that link.
and after several registration processes, you will get your code.

HeartlesskizZ4190d ago

I really thank you for letting me know but I cant even read a word in there =(

I will be kind if anyone with the JP talent could take the time to create me one I would greatly appreciated =P

BTW I PM you so be sure to check your inbox =D

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kamisama4190d ago

i was at gamestop today and i was told when the dvd and stuff come in that they will call everyone who pre-ordered the game already and notify them i guess it sucks for everyone that pre ordered online

Wii60PS3DSPSP4190d ago

So I won't have to preorder it again? That's good if true.

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