411: Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition Review probably came off as being really hard on Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition for the PS2. That's because the game never needed to be made, especially for the PS2. But if you can get past the lack of an online mode, this is a must buy for fans of Twisted Metal.

All of the control issues from the PSP version are fixed, and all of the extras make the $20 well spent for anyone who grew up loving Twisted Metal. is really looking forward to what "Eat Sleep Play" brings to the table for the upcoming PS3 version of Twisted Metal; hopefully this brought the gang back into the swing of things. don't feel justified in giving a PSP port from 2005 a really high score especially with no online, but Twisted Metal fans will have this one sitting in their PS2's for a long time hopefully until they buy a PS3 and let this game sit inside of their 80 GB PS3.

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