Sony Australia Head Talks PS3, PSP Vs. DS

In an in-depth interview, Sony Australia's head Michael Ephraim has discussed a number of issues, including the PS2's continued support and the PS3's 2007 launch in Australia, and the relative merits of the PSP and DS in the territory.

Talking at length in an interview on the 'Screen Play' weblog of The Age newspaper in Australia, Ephraim particularly discussed the mainstream appeal of the PlayStation 2 in the territory, where Sony Europe-created titles such as Singstar and Buzz have meant the console is reaching an older and female market, as well as the conventional game player.

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andy capps5902d ago

Now that was a good interview. They need to promote him and have him do the PR announcements and be in charge of it. He was complimentary several times to Nintendo and Microsoft as well. He showed empathy with gamers regarding the delay of PS3, etc. Good interview.

zypher5902d ago

agreed. sometimes, it seems that Sony has all the right people in the wrong places.